The Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

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“The Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time”is an action adventure film produced by Walt Disney Pictures and is adapted from a video game known as the same name. The story is mainly about the life of Dastan, a Persian prince and his adventure with Princess Tamina and a special dagger known as Dagger of Time. The dagger is so unique because it has a special power which allows the one who activates it to return to the past. Unlike his elder brothers, Dastan is not the usual prince with royal blood. When he is young, he is adopted by the King Sharaman from the street. At first glance, the King admires Dastan' s courage for fighting for justice. Knowing that Dastan is an orphan, the King adopted him. Fifteen years afterwards, When Dastan’s brothers suspects that a nearby city, Alamut, has been cooperating with Persia's enemies, Dastan follows his troop and invades Alamut, and in the process he got a strange dagger which he decides to keep it as a trophy to prove his success in the war. However, at the celebrating feast, the King is killed as the gown he is wearing suddenly on fire. Since the gown is a gift from Dastan. He is blamed for murdering his father. Therefore, he has to escape from the castle and Tamina, the princess of Alamut who tries to get back the dagger, follows him. They stick together and continue their journey while the prince hope to claim back his innocence and the princess hope to approach him and get back the dagger. One night, Tamina tries to kill Dastan, and Dastan accidentally awakes the magic of the dagger and learns the secret of it which a present from God as it can rewind time and go back to the past using it with the Sand of Time. Dastan believes that his elder brother Tus knows about the secret and... ... middle of paper ... ...finitely not the best way to fight back. In stead, keep the motto “nothing is impossible” in mind and our lives will absolutely be brighter. To conclude, "Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time" is among the best movies ever inspired by a video game. It does not include fight actions only, but also, the theme and the plot are well-written, creating a compact story. Although its rating PG-13 or intense sequences of violence and action, the fighting scene is not so violent compare to other action films. So I believe this film is generally accepted. Its action scenes and CGI sequence are nice. At the end of the adventure, justice stands and sacrifice worth. To be frank. Not many people are actions fans, but combined with a little romance and the positive messages brought out. It should be accepted by general and this film will definitely have a distinct evaluation.

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