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  • Representation of Women in Action Films

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    Throughout time much has been said about the film roles of women. Everyone from scholars to bloggers has an opinion on the significance in society of how women on the big screen are portrayed. For me all of this debate only detracts from what the true focus of a film should be; an artistic expression of a story that reflects the values of the time in which it is written. Pauline Keel a respectable critic for the New Yorker once said “Movies of the past are like samples-swatches of cloth-of the period

  • The Representation of Women in Action Films

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    Women have made progress in the film industry in terms of the type of role they play in action films, although they are still portrayed as sex objects. The beginning of “a new type of female character” (Hirschman, 1993, pg. 41-47) in the world of action films began in 1976 with Sigourney Weaver, who played the leading role in the blockbuster film ‘Aliens’ as Lt. Ellen Ripley. She was the captain of her own spaceship, plus she was the one who gave out all the orders. Until then, men had always been

  • The Film Analysis Of Ford's Romantic Action Western Film

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    The film is beautifully shot in black and white, using Ford’s trademark of great depth of field that visually displays the stunning geography, combined with chiaroscuro lighting by cinematographer Joseph MacDonald and edited by Dorothy Spencer. The film has a wonderful film noir quality, moody, and dramatic night shots. By dawn, the camera captures the magnificent desert landscape that seems tailored made for Ford’s romantic action western film. Enhanced by the musical direction by Alfred Newman

  • The Reasons Behind the Popularity of Action Films

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    The Reasons Behind the Popularity of Action Films In this essay I am going to explore the conventions of action films and their popularity. People love action films, and when they go to see one there are conventions you would expect to see in the film All plots of action films are based on the same outline, Hero and villain meet, there's a disruption of order, and mission, then everything is sorted out when the villain dies and everything returns to normal. There are

  • Alternatives to Live-Action Fictional Films

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    alternative to live action fictional films? And if there is an alternative is there a chance it could be entertaining? Who doesn’t enjoy a good fiction film? In Film: An Introduction by William H. Phillips, we learn that the alternative to such films can be both enlightening and entertaining (299). What type of film could be both enlightening and entertaining? Documentaries are. There is potential in a documentary film, also referred to as non-fictional films, which fictional films cannot grasp. According

  • American and Hong Kong Action Films

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    American and Hong Kong Action Films When comparing the action films of Hong Kong to the typical action films of America, certain differences are clearly visible. The films from Hong Kong feature more melodrama, more fast-paced action scenes, and most noticeably, more graphic violence, than the action films released in the US. When looking at what these Hong Kong films were influenced by, especially the films of John Woo, it is surprising to see that many of these differences from American cinema

  • The Effect of Temperature on the Action of Protease on Photographic Film

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    The Effect of Temperature on the Action of Protease on Photographic Film Aim: to show the effect of temperature on the action of protease on photographic film Prediction: I predict that as the temperature of the enzyme increases, so will the rate of reaction. However, I only predict this until a certain temperature and beyond perhaps 60(optimum temperature) the enzyme will stop working as well and both the enzyme and the substrate will become slightly deformed.

  • The Action Film That’s Almost as Good as the Classics

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    punishment. This part of the movie most definitely is for theatrical suspense. However, I must question this since the movie is very documentary-like in other parts. Third, the military bearing in this film is off the mark. Military bearing is how you act and carry yourself mentally and physically. In the film there doesn’t seem to be a definite chain of command amongst the team nor does there seem to be any respect flowing up or down the chain. Even in Special Operations where the teams are small and the

  • Investigating Factors That Affect The Action of Pepsin on Photographic Film

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    Investigating Factors That Affect The Action of Pepsin on Photographic Film Introduction ============ [IMAGE] This is an experiment to investigate the factors that affect the action of pepsin on photographic film. The photographic film is made up of three layers, plastic, photographic pigment and gelatine in between. See diagram: The protease enzyme digests the gelatine section, causing the other two layers to fall apart. Pepsin is a digestive

  • Hitchcocks North By Northwest: The Birth of the Modern Action Film

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    their first films, thus establishing the French New Wave. In Italy, Fellini created the elegant La Dolce Vita, and Antonioni gave us L’avventura. Most importantly, though, in America, famed British director Alfred Hitchcock gave us the classic thriller North by Northwest, the father of the modern action film. Throughout the history of filmmaking, many different genres have thrived such as the romantic comedy, giving us such classics as Bringing up Baby and His Girl Friday. The war film gave us All