Miracle In Cell No. 7 Essay

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A Critical Analysis of Miracle in Cell No. 7 Miracle in Cell No. 7, directed by Lee Hwan-kyung is a Korean film about a mentally handicapped father Yong-Goo who is wrongfully imprisoned, identifying a dreadful separation from his young daughter Ye-seung. Their relationship is the deepest part behind the film and shows the sad realities of how people with authorities abuse the power given to them. This film truly touched my heart and Hwan-kyung briefly shows how much love a daughter has for her father. However, the film shows confusing flashbacks, lack of details and the wrongful accusations of a mentally handicapped man. The film begins with a grown up Ye-seung who is given a pile of case files by a police officer who she later calls “Dad”.…show more content…
While the Chief Warden and Yong-Goo’s cellmates trained him prior to his final hearing, Yong-Goo did not deliver the speech which would have cleared his name. Since he was threatened by the victim's father, Yong-Goo chose to accept the death sentence in order to protect Ye-seung. It doesn’t matter whether he did or didn’t murder the girl, only that Yong-Goo’s fragile mind was malleable enough to pressure him into agreeing to the rules and expectations of the legal process. This relates to the book ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ by Harper Lee, there was not even proof that Tom raped Mayella and still he was accused when he was actually innocent. This is because most wrongful convictions are mainly caused by eyewitness misidentification, Instead, witness memory must be looked carefully and come back perfectly, or erased. But because Yong-Goo is mentally handicapped and ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ Tom who is black, they don’t use the evidence and take advantage of who they are instead. But the scene that frustrated me the most was when Yong-Goo is re-enacting the so-called 'Crime Scene' of his (which is not). And when he was doing CPR on the mannequin, the police pulled it by saying "You Strangled her" "You Kissed Her" just because the daughter of the higher police officer died. Most police officers should already know that it is CPR, but of course they don’t know justice and
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