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  • Creating Accounts In MYOB

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    HOW TO CREATE ACCOUNTS LIST (CHART OF ACCOUNTS) IN MYOB Creating Accounts List or Chart of Accounts in MYOB have never been so quick and easy. This part is intended for “New Company File” set up or first set up of company accounts. To start using this, click on Setup, select Easy Setup Assistant as shown below: There are three ways to set up Accounts List in the Easy Setup Assistant as follows: 1) Start with Accounts List Provided by MYOB Premier; or 2) Import a list of Accounts provided by Accountant

  • Accounts Receivables And Depreciation

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    to calculate the real value of accounts receivables and fixed assets. These offsets are called uncollectible accounts receivables and depreciation. In accordance with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP), there are two methods used to compute the uncollectible accounts receivable expense. Just like uncollectible accounts offset the value of accounts receivables; so do depreciation expenses counteract the value of fixed assets. Also called contra accounts, the journal entries are accumulated

  • Importance Of Accounts Payable

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    Accounts Payable is money owed by a business to its suppliers shown as a liability on a company’s balance sheet. It’s distinct from notes payable liabilities, which are debts created by formal legal instrument documents. The accounts payable is important to the company because it involves all of the company’s payments outside the office besides payroll. It’s the way the office handles all of the money owed. The accounts payable payments may be carried out by a department in a larger corporation,

  • The Current Account Deficit

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    world, for a specified time period. It involves goods, services and income, financial claims and liabilities and transfers such as gifts and foreign aid. Balance of Payment involves two kinds of accounts – Trade balance, or for India’s case, Trade Deficit, is a major component of Current Account Deficit. It the output in the economy can be characterised as Y, below equations can be derived as follows: Y = C + I + G + NX NX=Y– (C+ I + G ) NX = (Y– C– G ) – I = S – I Where

  • Independent Retirement Account

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    Independent Retirement Account (IRA) All living beings grow old with time and come to a stage when they can no longer make a living on their own. Be it animals or humans, it is a time when they have to depend on others for their survival. Yes, as human beings, there comes a time in our lives when we can no longer afford to live independently and have to make way for younger and much healthier individuals at work. So what does one do to earn a living? There are quite a few possibilities of which

  • Bank Accounts, Joint or Separate?

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    Introduction The topic I chose to discuss is if couples have separate bank accounts and if they have arrived at this solution after trying to use a single account or if this was their first attempt at martial checking. I chose this topic because I always had the notion that a married couple should have a joint bank account, meaning that their finances just like them were intertwined and inseparable. After I was married to the love of my life, I noticed the concepts and methods we practiced regarding

  • The U.S. Current Account Deficit

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    deficit of the U.S. current account. A current account is made up of four separate categories, the combined balance of which results in a surplus or deficit. The four categories are: The Merchandise Trade Account, Services, Factor Income, and Unilateral Transfers. Each account either has a surplus or a deficit, depending on whether money is flowing into or out of a particular country. The U.S. Trade Account deficit currently is the largest contributor to the U.S. Current Account deficit. This deficit

  • Terms And The Future Of Discounts And Sales Accounts

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    good was given away, sales were earned, which increases equity. The company got a legal right to collect from the customer on account receivable. There is an increase in assets because of account receivables, as well as equity because of sales by $500 on June 1st. Because of the perpetual inventory system there must be two entry’s. A sales entry on the sales account at the selling price as well as a cost entry to cost of goods sold for the cost of inventory. The journal must recognize that inventory

  • The United States Current Account Deficit

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    The largest and richest world economy belongs to the United States (“North America,” 2011). Interestingly, this same monstrous economy also holds the title for the largest current account deficit. The U.S. current account deficit is funded from net capital inflows from abroad and has continued to grow throughout the last two decades (Holman, 2001). Economists in the early part of this century theorized that this huge U.S. external deficit was sustainable because it would gradually correct itself

  • Personal Reflection Of My Experience As An Accounts Officer

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    1. Previous experience in a customer service focused environment with well developed conflict resolution skills Working as an Accounts Officer required me to regularly solve customer queries over the phone and by emails. Many customers paid their invoices by credit or debit cards and there were times when an invoice would have discrepancies with regards to GST, price or quantity. At times the customers would be annoyed or would not make the payment. It was my duty to solve the disputes with utmost