Abdullah Essays

  • The Pros and Cons of Muhammad Ibn Abdullah

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    Muhammad Ibn Abdullah: Good or Bad? You Decide Many centuries ago, a very significant event in the Muslim tradition occurred. More specifically, this occasion occurred in the later part of the mid sixth century. In about the year 570 AD, Muhammad ibn Abdullah was born in Mecca. Just six weeks before his birth, his father had passed away. He continued to live in Mecca where he was cared for by his foster mother; a Bedouin woman named Halimah. Unfortunately, she died when Muhammad was only six years

  • Gun Control

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    Firearms are dangerous weapons used to intentionally and unintentionally kill people, which lead to one of America�s most heated debates: gun control. With increasing crime and violence, many people look to gun control laws as a way to slow these trends down. On the other hand, others believe that owning a gun is a constitutional right that should never be taken away. James Q. Wilson�s essay �Just Take Away Their Guns� is an attempt to offer a solution to both sides of this argument. He claims that

  • Abdullah Azzam Brigades

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    The Abdullah Azzam Brigades, which is named after al Qaeda's co-founder and Osama bin Laden's mentor, was formed by Saleh al Qarawi sometime after 2004 as an offshoot of al Qaeda in Iraq, and was tasked with hitting targets in the Levant (Syria, Lebanon, Israel, and the Palestinian Territories) and throughout the Middle East. Abdullah Azzam Brigade is a Sunni Islamist militant group affiliated with Al-Qaeda and the global jihad movement. The group, which began operating in 2009, was founded by

  • Fatma Abdullah Rifaat-Short Story Extraordinaire

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    Fatma Abdullah Rifaat-Short Story Extraordinaire Fatma Abdullah Rifaat, better known as Alifa Rifaat, has created some of the most compelling short stories out of Egypt. Since she was born in 1930, Rifaat has been exposed to the realities of being a woman in the Islamic based Egyptian culture. Her life story has been one typical of an Egyptian female and she has related the arranged marriage aspect of her life into the gripping short stories, “Distant View of a Minaret,” and “A Long Night of Winter”

  • Women Driving Case Study

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    only to serve women in order to not losses their money on taxis or to be exposed to sexual harassment. In addition, make an extreme campaign to fill out the streets and attract all the attention on them. Finally, to reach their voices to the king Abdullah as he can overturn the ban regulation if all other solutions failed. In sum, I believe that the driving issue in Saudi Arabia is not a religious or culture case it is the government case.

  • The Problem Of Online Game Addiction In Abdullah Gül University

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    this simple SPRE report, I will discuss serious problem of online gaming addiction. First of all I will talk about Abdullah Gül University and dormitory accommodations; then I’ll discuss problems, which is sourced from online games, finally I will refer some responses and evaluations about this problem. The Situation Kayseri is very important city in middle Anatolia. Also Abdullah Gül University (AGU) is new university that is constructed on old factory in Kayseri. AGU had accepted 120 students

  • Saudi Arabia Essay

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    King Saud visited India in 1955 and Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru visited in 1956 the United Kingdom. Further strengthened visit of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi in Saudi Arabia in 1982, the bilateral relations. Recently, the historic visit of King Abdullah to India in 2006 led to the signing of the "Declaration Delhi” new impetus to bilateral relations. Visit served as the basis for cooperation in all fields of mutual interest. Return visit of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to Saudi Arabia in 2010 raised

  • Queen Rania of Jordan

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    "'Queen Rania is a corrupt thief'." ynet. YNetNews.com, 14 Feb. 2011. Web. 11 May 2014. . "Women Changing the World." Oprah.com. Oprah.com, 17 May 2006. Web. 11 May 2014. . YOUTUBE EXCLUSIVE: Send me your stereotypes). Dir. Rania Al Abdullah. Perf. Rania Al Abdullah. YouTube, 2008. Film.

  • Saudi Arabi An Aristotelian Royal Family

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    Saudi Arabia, under Aristotle’s categorization, is an oligarchy even though Saudi Arabia has a monarch (King Abdullah). This is because the royal family, the descendants of King Abd Al-Aziz who died in 1953 leaving 40 sons (Raphaeli, 2003), has such a great sphere of influence in the governance and control of the country. This matches Aristotle’s definition of oligarchy as ‘the many’, the people, are ruled by ‘the few’, the Saudi Arabian royal family, with ‘the few’ benefiting and working in self

  • Houthi Movement in Yemen

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    Houthi Movement in Yemen Yahya al-Houthi, brother of rebel leader Abdulmalik al-Houthi stated, “We are not anti-American per se. Rest assured that we do not have any issues with the American people, but we disapprove of some of their government’s foreign policy in the Middle East. Like many people in the Middle East of all faiths, we were opposed to the US led invasion of Iraq and the subsequent killing of civilians” (Novack, 2009). The Houthis’ goals in their revolution are inherently religious

  • Medical Errors In Saudi Arabia Essay

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    Believing medical errors happen in everywhere in the world, but every mistakes has a reason behind. In Saudi Arabia, so many cases happened, but there are still not estimate exact number about medical error. There are so many medical errors are never reported in Saudi Arabia by healthcare professionals because of punishment. Some patient’s do not reporting their cases due to repotting do not give them most of their right to have. With so many motivations to write about medical error in Saudi Arabia

  • Yemen Conflict and the Role of the IGOs and the NGOs in the Yemen Conflict

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    against social and economic conditions such as unemployment, corruption, and the proposal by the government to modify the constitution. As the protests proceeded, people of Yemen added more grievances and called for the resignation of President Ali Abdullah Saleh. During this conflict, the government and military officials resigned from president Saleh’s government rendering the government powerless in dealing with the protestors. In January 2012, a major protest that involved sixteen thousand nationals

  • The Rich Get Richer

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    HYPOTHESIS: The rich get richer, within a secret society where only trust is accepted. An eighty billion dollar arms deal between BAE (British Aerospace), Prince Bandar of Saudi Arabia who represented the Saudi Air force and the U.K, stir controversy because of “Black money” or secret payments. The question is, when too much political power reigns how can they be prosecuted; it seems that the Saudi government was allowed to be corrupt because of their political power and ties to terrorism. The UK

  • Saudi Women

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    Abstract Saudi Arabia is one of the few countries that set specific laws regarding women only. A woman is considered to be a second class citizen who must depend on a male relative in all situations. Until recently, women did not have their own identification cards separate from those of their fathers' or husbands'. Women were also limited to certain levels of education such as elementary or secondary school levels. More than that, they were restricted to limited job opportunities. The laws also

  • about MH370

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    The puzzling disappearances of the Malaysia Airline flight MH370 issue are shaking today’s world. Days are gone just like that, but still we don’t know what really happen to the plane. Recently there was an announcement by our Malaysian Prime Minister Dato Sri Najib Tun Razak that the missing plane is ending their journey in the Southern Indian Ocean. This conclusion was made based on an analysis of satellite data by a British company and aviation investigation agency. Our Prime Minister also said

  • The History And History Timeline Of Kuwait

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    History Timeline of Kuwait 1899 – Fearing direct rule from Turkey, Sheikh Mubarak strikes a deal with Britain and Kuwait becomes a protectorate. Britain provides naval protection in return for Kuwait allowing London to control its foreign issues. 1937 - A lot of oil is discovered by the US-British Kuwait Oil Company. 1951 - Major public-works programme begins; Kuwait's infrastructure is transformed, residents enjoy a high standard of living. 1961 - June - Kuwait becomes independent with the end of

  • And The Mountains Echoed Essay

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    is most affected by this is Pari’s older brother Abdullah who viewed Pari as his only family. “It had to be her. I am sorry Abdullah she had to be the one. The finger, cut to save the hand.’’( Hosseini 48) This is where the journey of little Pari begins. Believing that he made the right choice, Saboor sells Pari in order to pay of certain debts to support his family, but also to give his daughter a life which he could never give

  • Use Of Symbols In The Novel 'How To Read Literature Like A Professor'

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    the box of feathers, given by Abdullah to Pari, holds.This object which out of context would seem confusing and even bizarre, can be interpreted to represent Abdullah’s immense love for his sister. Abdullah first helped Pari collect the feathers when they were very young and then kept them for many years in hopes he would be able to give it to Pari and also to show he never forgot about her. This is shown when Pari receives the note attached to the feathers from Abdullah that reads, “They tell me I

  • The Importance Of Community Engagement

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    throughout the lifecycle of a project are important (Abdullah et al., 2017). Support of the community is essential and strengthens the companies’ local license to operate (Abdullah et al., 2017). “Poor community relations can lead to delays and disruptions to operations, for instance as a result of strikes, protests, hindrance of facility access, and lobbying local authorities against granting permits that the company needs in order to operate” (Abdullah et al., 2017, pp.1). Due to the contentious nature

  • Khaled Hosseini's And The Mountains

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    characters Pari, Abdullah, Parwana, Masooma, Saboor, Nabi, and Mr. and Mrs. Wahdait are all branches with a different story. With each action of one of these people there’s another that is triggered and inflicts events that will forever stick with the victim. After Abdullah and Pari are born, their mother undergoes extreme postpartum hemorrhaging which ultimately ends in her death. Pari doesn’t have the same connection of that which her father, Saboor, and her brother, Abdullah, have. She doesn’t