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The puzzling disappearances of the Malaysia Airline flight MH370 issue are shaking today’s world. Days are gone just like that, but still we don’t know what really happen to the plane. Recently there was an announcement by our Malaysian Prime Minister Dato Sri Najib Tun Razak that the missing plane is ending their journey in the Southern Indian Ocean. This conclusion was made based on an analysis of satellite data by a British company and aviation investigation agency. Our Prime Minister also said that because there is no doubt that MH370 has been lost and that none of those on board survived. This issue has seriously damaged Malaysia’s image abroad, and the government’s handling of the crisis has garnered criticism from domestic opposition parties and also China. This is because it is nearly two-third of 239 passengers from China who were on the MH370 plane. This incident gave a big impact to their family members. Some of them vent their anger against our country. They showed their angers by labeling our leaders and MAS official as ‘liars’ and ‘murderers’. From this we can understand how this issue has been impacting their family and it is not a simple matter that we can accept. We also need to understand that it is about the life of 239 passengers. They also show their anger and frustration because of lost their love once. Some of them lost their heir, where they lost their family chain. The family members also confused by the contradictory statements about the issue. There is a lot of statesmen regarding to this and we don’t know which one is the real story. This is also one of the reasons why their family members become more anger. Besides that the family members become more anger when Malaysia not been able to explain why... ... middle of paper ... ... they urges Malaysia o speed up the investigation and provide the accurate information but at the last China also help Malaysia to the rescue operation. China also never said that China government is angry with Malaysia, the people who shows their anger to Malaysian government not the China government. From this it is clear that the relationship of China and Malaysia are on safe sides. Chin also appreciate with the progress that made so far to find the MH370. As we all know Malaysian government has not hiding anything from the people regarding the missing of MH370. Of course it is take time to identify any clues about MH370 because Malaysia is a small country and we do not have enough resource to find the aircraft. The were 26 countries who help Malaysian in searching operation. This shows the diplomatic relationship of Malaysia with other countries in the world.

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