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    time he was no longer involved in any religion and became a nonbeliever. A brilliant student he was at the College d’Epinal, he was awarded various honours and prizes. Having such academic potential, he was transferred to one of France’s great high schools, the Lycee Louis-le-Grand in Paris. After he wanted to attend the prestigious Ecole Normale Superierure, the intellectual training ground for best of France. To attend he had to undergo an admission examination which Durkheim failed twice, but, in

  • School Violence

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    Violence in schools has progressed from bloody noses to bloody gun shot wounds. Kids now days observe so much violence its almost predictable that they act this way. People are SO desensitized to violence from TV, video games, videos. Kids tend to imitate what they see exposing them to violence before they can understand it doesn’t help them. With the moral decay of our society, people act without regard for others, kids having babies, fatherless families, unsupervised and unwanted children

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    classmates and one teacher. School violence changes our youths morals. From bullying to peer pressure, youth are exposed to school violence everyday. What is school violence? School violence varies from accounts of “death, homicide, suicide, weapon related violence, in the US.” (c1) School violence can occur to and from school, while attending a school sponsored event, on a bus, or at an activity. Violence in school goes back to the 1800s’. The first publicly funded schools for delinquents was built

  • Violence in Schools

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    Indicators of School Crime and Safety 2000 T.R. Canady (2001) “indicates that 12-18 year olds were the victims of 2.7 MILLION school crimes in 1998, including 252,700 non-fatal serious violent crimes.” Even after Columbine, the highly publicized school shooting, violence in schools is still going strong with in a place where the last thing on the kids’ minds should be. They, the adults,” have tried to resolve these problems by using force and fear to control these kids. Problems in schools are on

  • Promotion Of School Violence

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    also made and used bombs. Obviously, kids can't have guns at school. But weak solutions about controlling gun sales would not have stopped these kids from getting guns-or from buying nails, propane and other things they used to make the bombs. These kids broke a dozen laws in doing what they did. Another law or two on the books would not have prevented the massacre in Littleton. Common threads in this and other episodes of school violence have been that the kids have watched lots of violent movies

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    factors for the occurrence of school violence. The two most common factors are substance abuse, association with gangs, and guns. School laws try to prevent these factors from endangering the youths in the schools. Many school officials and citizens are convinced that the growing problems of student disruption and general lack of respect for authorities are attributable directly to an over emphasis on students’ rights. The increase in violence, drugs, and weapons in schools has directed our attention

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    Violence in our schools is an issue that has become more prominent in the last few years. News articles about violent deeds within the school setting are on the increase. Our society demands that schools are safe for our children. In order to maintain a peaceful environment for all, we must address and inform our schools, children, and parents as well as the neighboring communities about the issue of school violence. As David W. Johnson, the author of Reducing School Violence states, “To eliminate

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    Preventing school violence has been an issue in our society for so long it has almost become commonplace. According to an article on, since the year 2000, there have been a recorded 64 shooting related incidents that involved publicly occupied areas. That is an occurrence of almost five per year. Of those 64, 94% of these incidents were school related shootings. The violence goes from elementary schools all the way up to college universities. The statistics are not pretty by any

  • School Violence In Schools

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    School Violence can be defined as any form of violent activity or activities from either a student or students towards other students or staff members’ insides the school premises. It wears many faces and rages from well- planned gang activity, through bullying and intimidation, to theft and verbal slurs. It incorporates the use of knives, cutlass, ice picks, and even guns, (Maharaj-Sharma). The educational system, a learning ground has been plague by school violence which leaves one to question

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    children in the 90’s have taken a whole new approach to the game. The changed the rules, that would affect the country for the rest of their existence. The fad? To act out in violence in school against eachother, not just fist to fist physical altercation, but from one boy’s fathers gun to another. The new fad is to take a school by a surprise attack and make news headlines. Quite a change from the early 50’s. So the question that boggles ever Americans mind, is why and how we allowed these children