To Legalize, or Not to Legalize Gay Marriage Essay

To Legalize, or Not to Legalize Gay Marriage Essay

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Since the beginning of time, Homo sapiens have discriminated against people with differences such as color of skin, religion, politics, and more. Over the years, society has changed to accept these differences, yet Americans still ostracize the gay community as if they were less than human. Currently one specific controversy comes to mind in consideration of gays, and that is gay marriage. The controversies surrounding gay marriage include the legal, religious, and philosophical problems that allowing gay marriage could cause. The United States currently does not recognize gay partnerships as legal marriages, and therefore when gay partners file for a tax refund both partners must mark single for the type of relationship. Though the United States federally does not allow homosexual marriages, states like Connecticut, Vermont, Massachusetts, Washington, Iowa, New York, and New Hampshire allow such marriages, and even more states recognize civil unions such as Illinois California, Colorado, Delaware, Hawaii, Maine, Maryland, Nevada, New Jersey, Oregon, Rhode Island, Washington and Wisconsin. With these states bringing more attention to gay marriage, the debate over this right has come to the forefront of the 2012 presidential campaign. The definition of marriage is traditionally between a man and a woman which is why the anti-gay marriage groups protest the concept of having two men or two women marry. Research shows that those opposed to gay marriage have used the costs associated with benefits, as well as religious and secular philosophical concerns as points on their flawed platform.
When the opposition cites their platform, the legal aspect, including money, is one of the points. The opposition cites a study done in New York ...

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