To Clone or not to Clone: Essay

To Clone or not to Clone: Essay

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Human cloning is an extremely experimental and volatile area of scientific research with dubious and highly unethical results to date. Human cloning should not be performed by any means because it is highly likely it will create living beings not as they are intended to be produced. Rather, the results will be living beings which were created in an unnatural, man-directed way created by human choice. By acting this way, cloning gives people the power to play God.
Human cloning generally has three main categories: therapeutic cloning, reproductive cloning and replacement cloning ("Cloning Fact Sheet). The process is generally defined as the making of duplicates of biological material through genetic engineering or manipulation. The most common means of cloning is called somatic cell nuclear transfer. This type of cloning (also known as reproductive cloning) occurs when an exact copy of an animal or human is made that is an exact copy of its original just delayed in time (Johnson). Although there have been many attempts to actually clone a human, none have officially been reported as being successful. This has led to many countries either adopting or attempting to adopt regulations which prohibit human cloning based on scientific as well as ethical reasons. In 1997, the National Bioethics Advisory Commission, an American company, expressed an official opinion stating it was morally wrong to clone anything. As a result, all studies were closed (Hanna).

There are many dangers to cloning. The foremost danger is that many of the subjects which have been attempted to be cloned have either died in utero or at one of the last stages of development prior to birth (Johnson). In the off chance the subject survives birth, all of them hav...

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