Time Management Is Pandemic Like Because It Could Academically Kill Incoming Freshman Students

Time Management Is Pandemic Like Because It Could Academically Kill Incoming Freshman Students

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Time management is pandemic-like because it could academically kill incoming freshman students. Many are diagnosed with this combatable disease-like habit. It becomes an ongoing struggle in the college student’s academic life and later in adult life. According to College Express, time management is “basically looking at all your assignments, events, and responsibilities and then planning your time accordingly” (Nazametz). One could say organizational skills are the metaphorical remedies to time management. When still speaking metaphorically, procrastination is the “black death” of time management. However, time management is a potential necessary skill learned over time due to repetition and strategic solutions.
College is a new beginning for all incoming freshmen. From homecoming to parties, different activities can steer students away from completing any tasks or goals they may have. The absence of time management skills can potentially become the catalyst to other problematic issues like procrastination, stress, and academic struggles. Missing deadlines is a product of not having time management skills. In a related entry from The Missed Deadline: Whose Problem is it?, “Why don’t people realize how important deadlines are? Don’t they realize the impact of these actions on our company’s reputation” (Stevens and Portugal 48). The absence of time management skills not only affects you, but those around you and your environment.
One solution to enhancing your time management skills is to utilize campus resources, when used correctly, can exponentially increase your skills. On some campuses, one can make an appointment to use certain campus resources. For example, by using a math or english tutor, you can save time by go...

... middle of paper ...

...ills is a far superior route. By organizing your mind as well as your surroundings, you will then be able to properly use campus resources to your up most advantage. Organization encourages maturity because you are able to independently and efficiently complete any tasks at hand. Using campus resources requires you to search for the time itself to complete tasks. But one may be able to use organizational skills in real life scenarios.
Time management is a very important skill to have in college as well as real life. When time management skills are applied such as organization, utilization of campus resources, and responsibility, one can accomplish many great things. In certain situations, it is a mind control thing. If one can put their mind to getting things done as well as applying the time management skills, you will be less stressed trying to accomplish tasks.

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