Time Is An Important Lean Manufacturing Concept That Was Developed By Toyota Help Balance Production

Time Is An Important Lean Manufacturing Concept That Was Developed By Toyota Help Balance Production

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Takt time is an important lean manufacturing concept that was developed by Toyota to help balance production lines and optimize process flow. To define the term more specifically takt time is expressed in seconds and is used to determine the “rate of customer demand by dividing daily demand in units into the time available for production” (Mann, 2010, p. 270). It important to note that takt time is performed for individual processes so that each step in manufacturing is balanced to takt time, or as equal in length of time as possible. Takt time is therefore much different from cycle time which is overall process time (Huang, Li, Yuan, Gao & Rao, 2012).
Takt time is used to balance production times by assigning tasks by the longest takt time so that each workstation has a similar amount of work (Meredith & Shafer, 2016). This focus on time prevents bottlenecks for some activities and idle or non-productive times for other activities. The goal is to balance the work flow for the most efficient throughput and work in process (WIP) from a value stream perspective.
Why Takt Time Was Selected For Study
The selection of the topic is to help me better understand the utilization and application of the takt times to balance production in an automotive manufacturing environment in Juarez, Mexico. Currently, in the company I work the other functions inside the work cell simply operate with considerable idle time according to the one major bottleneck or time constraint.
One of my goals is to streamline the cellular process by work redistribution and perhaps reduce the overall number workers due to a lack of readily available workforce and turnover. Turnover is a relatively new phenomenon in Juarez and since training times in c...

... middle of paper ...

... Edition). This quote is particularly relevant as takt time is a critical metric used to balance manage time in manufacturing and service applications and can be applied to many aspects of our lives. We learn to use time wisely.
Application of Takt Time
In summary, takt time methods are truly a foundational tool used to balance production line flow. Through careful evaluation of the process or even product with the longest takt time; a manager can better visualize and control the entire value stream. Reduction of waste, or in this case idle time and operating efficiently in all processes outside the bottleneck is one of the critical applications of takt time analyses. Through the use of takt time, various scenarios and work group variables can be trialed, until the optimal solution is determined. The optimal solution matches the tact time to the overall cycle time. 

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