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Through The Medium Of Technology Essay

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Through the Medium of Technology
Students who are deaf or hard of hearing have the right to earn an education in the least restrictive environment. To the highest magnitude suitable, individuals with disabilities of any type, whether in private or public schools, must be in classrooms like their hearing or non-disabled peers (TITLE 1, B, 612, a, 5). Those members of the team working with students who are deaf or hard of hearing have an obligation to attentively; hence, thoroughly be cognizant of each student’s individual cultural style of learning. Moreover, it is imperative that team members focus on specific applications of the project (Meadow, 1980). The rationale for conducting this study aligns with those students who are deaf and, consequently how their struggle with mathematics in general epitomizes an effect on skill development.
Meadow, 1980 explains how mathematical concepts are learned similar to those students who are hearing. However, with students who are deaf, other factors may prevent specific learning proficiencies, such as, vocabulary specific to algebraic terms and the cognitive ability to understand and process the meaning of such terms. Furthermore, students with deafness may lack the ability to problem solve because they lack the ability to reason (Ray, 2001). Moreover, the importance of this study is to meticulously view the strategy of using all facets of teaching to allow each student to fully meet his or her expectations, achievements and most importantly, an understanding of Algebra I with lecture, visual tasks and technology.
This research study seeks to find a connection between actual traditional style learning using academic improvement and school based proficiency through the use of ...

... middle of paper ...

...rning and Video Relay in the classroom) form The Ohio School for the Deaf in Columbus, OH. Creating discovery learning experiences. Teachers, educational interpreters and other members of the team are required to attend workshops for this study and other methods of professional development that will enhance the students who are deaf or hard of hearing being in being successful. Parton (2006) explains the importance everyone on the team being in sync.
The main problem with this study is student attendance. The deaf students in this study express a concerning attendance problem. This will have an effect on the sample’s representation. For example, if one student in each group is not present for more than three times, the study’s validity will be in effected; hence, unable to predict a reliable outcome. This too is considered a major criticism of the study

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