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How can someone who lived hundreds of years ago have such a lasting impact on individuals throughout history? Today, Rumi’s influence can be seen throughout humanity. Even though he has been deceased for more than eight hundred years, he is the most widely read poet. Rumi’s poetry reflects the spiritual, political, and social aspects of his time as well as these same characteristics in modern society. With two of his poems, entitled “Those Who Don’t Feel This Love” and “One Who Does What the Friend Wants Done,” Rumi successfully demonstrates his keen cognizance of these aspects in mankind. His beliefs and dispositions, depicted in his work, emulate humanity as a whole, making it relevant in our world today.
In the poem, “Those Who Don’t Feel This Love,” Rumi expresses his ideas on organized religion. In two intriguing stanzas, he writes, “This Love/is beyond the study of theology/that old and trickery and hypocrisy/If you want to improve your mind that way/Sleep on.” Rumi is saying that organized religions make its followers adhere to pre-interpreted assumptions. Although some argue that the best way to unearth yourself and God is through yourself, we constantly cling to the spiritual cultivation of priests, imams, and pastors. Rumi would contend the idea of worshiping in mosques, churches, and synagogues because love is the only way to become close to God. Only through personal interpretation and a selfless life can you strongly aggrandize your relationship with the divine.
During Rumi’s life, thousands of people were led by the christian pope in the crusades. All these people chose theology, the trickery and hypocrisy, over the peaceful words of love. They listened to a man, placed in a position that tells you what script...

... middle of paper ...

... these associations. He chose to waken from his ignorant sleep and open himself to a world revolving around love no matter the social conflict his decision would make. In today’s society, people are constrained by social conflict. They act in attempts to coincide with the norms and values set by our culture. Rumi’s battle, illustrated in his poems, is relevant to people today living with this same tension.
“Those Who Don’t Feel This Love” and “One Who Does What the Friend Wants” are prime examples of how Rumi influenced political, spiritual, and social conflicts throughout history. His work continues to be fantastically popular. His teachings can be understood by any person from the 11th century until our time today. His universal messages make the everlasting perceptions of love relevant in our contemporary lives. Through Rumi, humanity has been greatly impacted.

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