Thomas Aquinas: Justifiable War and Killing Essay

Thomas Aquinas: Justifiable War and Killing Essay

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Among some of the subjects that Aquinas tackles in On Law, Morality, and Politics is the dilemma of War and Killing. Aquinas sums up the legality of war through three criteria: that the war waged is done by a legitimate authority, that the war is just because the enemy has done something grossly wrong, and the intention of the war is to solely right the wrong. Also we see Aquinas say that the killing of an innocent person is justified if God will's it.
Aquinas argues that one of the objectives in order to make a war justified is when a legitimate authority declares it. Typical it is usually a country's top leadership that would count as legitimate authority, however in the United States it is not the President who can legally declare war but Congress (but after WWII, all the wars that United States was engaged in were not officially declared by Congress). However, even though the wars after WWII may not be official wars under the Constitution, to Aquinas they still the criteria of a war being waged by a President who is still a legitimate authority.
“For it belongs to no privat...

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