The Thirties and the Sixties: So Different Yet so Similar Essay

The Thirties and the Sixties: So Different Yet so Similar Essay

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The Thirties and the Sixties: So Different Yet so Similar

It seems impossible that I have lived through so many decades! I have lived through decades from the thirties to the sixties, and there are many similarities between the two decades. In both decades democrats gained control in the political arena. Both decades were a time of rapid change, socially, economically, politically, and culturally. The population in the United States greatly increased by about fifty-four million people between the thirties and the sixties. Both decades were affected by a war; the 1930’s was greatly affected by WWII, and the sixties was greatly affected by the Viet Nam war. It seems like just yesterday that we began the roller coaster ride of the 1930’s. Why the twenties ended so horribly with the stock market crash, it didn’t seem like the thirties could get any worse, after Black Thursday, but the Great Depression proved that theory wrong.,

The affects of the two wars were different. The difference was that patriotism and fighting in the war were popular in the thirties, while being a soldier in the Viet Nam war was not a popular thing to be at all. Although the Viet Nam War was not a world war, it greatly affected our country. The two wars were very different. The Democrats took the presidency effortlessly away from Hoover. President Hoover had tried to put a plan into action of various public works. However the previous election had upended our dominantly republican senate and house, so they blocked Hoover’s efforts at every turn. The Reconstruction Finance Corporation was begun during this time and saved many businesses from going broke and began a large “public works” project. However the Great Depression was too widespread for any of th...

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