Essay about The Theory Of Teaching And Learning On Science Education

Essay about The Theory Of Teaching And Learning On Science Education

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According to Sampson, Grooms & Ederle, the BARSTL is a questionnaire, survey form, that is used to assess the degree to which science teachers’ beliefs about teaching and learning about science are aligned with the reform movement in science education (p.5). “The BARSTL is designed to assess the construct, reformed beliefs about science education. This construct refers to the remembered experiences, feelings, subjective evaluations, presumptions, and intuitive theories about teaching and learning that teachers hold in regard to the teaching and learning of science” (Sampson, Grooms & Ederle, p.6). The BARSTL measures both good and bad beliefs depending on a teachers’ own belief system. Of course, teachers want to do what is best for students, but sometimes their own personal beliefs influence how teachers teach.
When looking at my beliefs about reformed and traditional teaching, the BARSTL scoring, 94/128 indicates that my beliefs are more consistent with the current reform movement in science education.
How People Learn About Science
My score in this section was 20/32. This score indicates that my beliefs about how students learn about science are a little more consistent with the current reform, but my beliefs also encompass the traditional perspective. I believe that students learn most when they are able to discuss and debate many possible answers, but I also feel that sometimes students will develop a clear understanding when the teacher explains the concept in a clear and easy way to understand. In my classroom this would look like students discovering their own learning with the teacher as the facilitator. However, when a new concept would be introduced I would take some time, 15 or...

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... possible, but what they learn needs to be in-depth and not just at surface level.

After calculating my subscales and reading through the questionnaires’ statements, I do believe that the subscales do fit my beliefs for the most part. As a teacher, I do believe that students need to collaborate with their peers, and they should lead the discussions in the classroom, not the teacher. I also believe that students must discover their own learning and as teachers we have to stop telling them everything. Also, students need to become problem solvers and critical thinkers, and the only way this will be accomplished is if we foster this in our classrooms and provide the necessary opportunities for students to practice these skills. Overall, I believe that my subscales reflect my beliefs being closely aligned with the current reform in science education.

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