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Considering student achievement based upon the classroom environment, research shows that teachers who use constructivism in their classrooms have students whose achievement is more significant than those who learn by using traditional methods. (Singh, Yager, Yutakom, Yager, & Ali, 2012) It has become vitally important in this age for students to construct knowledge and apply it to both social and scientific situations in the real world. Additionally, the job market has changed, and employers are looking for more in potential employees. There are numerous skills being sought after that center around independent problem solving, a skill that can be taught using a constructivist approach. (Lew, 2010)
Educators as a whole have begun to stray away from solely utilizing traditional teaching approaches as new technology and science concepts demand that teaching approaches change with the times. (Zeynup & Alipasa, 2012) Further, allowing students to take control of their own learning and explore their world is of more relevance to the students than a traditional approach. (Garbett, 2011) By using constructivism, students may see the relevance of the science concepts they are learning, which may in turn inspire interest in science itself. (Milner, Templin & Czerniak, 2011) By using a constructivist approach in science classrooms, the students may gain a deeper understanding of science concepts, and students may take that knowledge and apply it to their career paths, their community, and their world. (Yager, Lim & Yager, 2006)
Review of Literature
What is Constructivism
Over the past 25 years, multiple attempts and efforts have been made to reform and improve education, particularly in science, in the United States. (Singh et al....

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... a positive effect on the achievement of high school science students?
(2) Does constructivist teaching have an effect on high school students’ engagement in the science classroom?
Significance of the Study
This study will be significant as it will give education reformers insight into the areas of science education that are lacking, and it will also reveal why student enrollment in science classes declines as they move into high school. Education is in place to benefit the student, and a main aspect of constructivism is it allows teachers to develop problems for students to analyze that allow students to use prior knowledge to actively construct new knowledge, new opinions and new perspectives. (Zeynup & Alipasa, 2012) Overall, the study will give information about what can be done about science education to benefit the learner in the most positive way possible.
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