The Theory Of Successful Intelligence Developed And Tested By Robert Sternberg

The Theory Of Successful Intelligence Developed And Tested By Robert Sternberg

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Sydney Columbus
Kristel Behrend
AP Seminar
23 November 2015
Intelligence and Success
The theory of successful intelligence developed and tested by Robert Sternberg attempts to predict success in life across analytical, creative, and practical dimensions (Kaufman and Singer 3251). “Your intelligence affects how successful you are. Some of the most successful people in different fields such as science, art, business, and entertainment are extremely bright” (Cherry). Social status, intelligence quotient, emotional intelligence, professional hierarchy and wealth all contribute to success. One suggestion is that there should be an overall test for measuring one’s intelligence. Also, a test for not only the brain, but a test for one’s intellect.
An Intelligent Quotient (IQ) measures how good a person is at basic, critical and analytical thinking. IQ testing calculates different scores and the scores show one’s ability to reason and problem solve. Essentially, this test measures a human 's intelligence. An IQ can eventually change over time. If a person is mentally stable there may be improvements within the score. A genius is known as someone who scores sufficiently high on the IQ test (Simonton pg#?). IQ tests involve the measure of two primary components — verbal and performance. Because the performance portion of the IQ test requires physical manipulation of objects in front of the testing psychologist, a legitimate IQ test cannot be taken online. All of the so-called “IQ tests” you see online are invalid — none have been validated against real-world IQ tests with peer-reviewed journal publications (Grohol). There has been a study by Lewis Terman about IQ testing and how intelligence influences success. Lewis Madison Terman is cred...

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...le tend to emphasize ‘learning goals’ and rebound better from occasional failures” (“Why do beliefs about intelligence influence learning success? A social cognitive neuroscience model”). Teachers are important because they educate future generations.
There is a correlation between success and intelligence. Some may believe one’s intelligence does not determine how successful one can potentially become. However, from backed up research, concluded in this essay shows otherwise. Factors such as social status, IQ testing, emotional intelligence, professional hierarchy and wealth all contribute to success. Research describe these things as beneficial factors to improve success. Being intelligent influences success in many different ways. Intelligence can contribute to great opportunities within the workforce, academically and also within everyday life activities.

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