The Theme of Revenge Throughout Odyssey Essays

The Theme of Revenge Throughout Odyssey Essays

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Revenge is a reoccurring theme throughout the Odyssey. Nearly every motivation for conflict within the Odyssey is because one of the characters is craving revenge. The three main areas of revenge in the first twelve books are as follows. Initially, Zeus prevents Odysseus and his men from returning home. Poseidon also continually chastises Odysseus throughout the entire story. Finally, the key account of revenge the reader sees in the story is from Telemachus in that he feels the need to make the suitors compensate for their impudence to his house as well as his mother. Therefore, each of the characters in the story is put through many hardships which pushes them to seek revenge.
However, the major reason why Odysseus and his men are put through all of these horrible instances is the fact that they only had one motive for invading Troy. Troy was known for its strong walls and no one had ever been able to enter without permission. Odysseus and his men attacked an innocent city where countless men died. Zeus believed this to be an outrage and as a result made sure that if Odysseus and his men made it home, it would be a long and tiresome journey. Zeus saw Odysseus and his men raid the city of Ismarus where they ate and drank for days, never wanting to leave. The Cicones, from the city of Ismarus, ran to find help from other Cicones. With the help of Zeus, the two armies of Cicones fought Odysseus and his army where Odysseus lost “six men-at-arms.” (Homer, 358). As a result, Odysseus and his men decided to row away to outrun a sure fate.
In another instance, Odysseus and his men reached the island called, Thrinacia. Odysseus was warned by Tiresias and Cirice not to touch the cattle on this island. The men on his crew were starving...

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...unable to stand up to the suitors until Athena gives him courage. Furthermore, Telemachus grows weary of seeing his belongings being taken without any guilt or shame and takes a ship to find word of his father Odysseus. Telemachus knows someone needs to make the suitors stop and with the advice of Athena he tries to make that possible by finding his father.
In conclusion, because I have only read the first twelve books of the Odyssey I believe that later in the poem we will come to find the leading story of revenge. I trust this will be between Odysseus and Telemachus against all of the suitors. The first twelve books show an abundance of revenge between Odysseus and Zeus as well as between Odysseus and Poseidon. This amount of revenge in these books shows that many of the characters demanded respect and were not going to see anything ill happen to their families.

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