What Is Odysseus Made Of?

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What Is Odysseus Made Of? Odysseus returns home and seeks revenge on the suitors that plague his wife. In order for him to be successful with the revenge he must use his cunning, knowledge of battle and his desire to be with his wife Penelope. Odysseus is a very intelligent and cunning person; these are some of the main reasons why Odysseus is not only a great person but also an outstanding king. Odysseus is also constantly compared to a god because only a god is supposed to be as cunning as he is. In Book 13: Ithaca at Last; shows an instance of what I am talking about: Any man-any god who met you-would have to be Some champion lying cheat to get past you For all-round craft and guile! You terrible man, Foxy, ingenious, never tired of twists and tricks- So, not even here, on native soil, would you give up Those wily tales that warm the cockles of you heart! (329-334) Another instance that proves that Odysseus is a cunning person is when he is trapped in the Cyclops' cave. The Cyclops asks him his name and Odysseus tells him that his mane is "Nobody". This is a key part in his plan to escape, because he plans to kill the Cyclops but he knows that the Cyclops has friends nearby. Lines 454 through 455 shows why: "'Nobody, friends' --Polyphemus bellowed back from his cave-'Nobody's killing me now by fraud and not by force!'" So Odysseus escaped by blinding the Cyclops thus enabling he and his men to flee from the cave. One other time that shows how clever and sneaky Odysseus is when he was trying to get into the city of Troy to sack it: Scarring his own body with mortifying strokes, Throwing filthy rags on his back like a slave, He slipped into the enemy's city, roamed its streets- All disguised, a totally different man, a beggar, Hardly the figure he cut among Achaea's ships. That's how Odysseus infiltrated Troy, And no one knew him at all…(274-280) One article I found on the Internet stated that "Odysseus was the most cunning man in the world". Also that the meaning of his name means intelligent and cunning showing why he is the way that he is. Being so cunning and intelligent allowed Odysseus to be such a tactical person when it came to battle. Odysseus' reason for being so good at battle is the fact that he was a fearless person and would stop a nothing.

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