Essay on The Impact of Social Organization in China

Essay on The Impact of Social Organization in China

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Social organisations in China have gained increasing importance when looking at power relations in China. This can partly be explained by the fact that China works through informal politics (decision making and policy making done behind the doors through negotiations and connections), and the Party’s focus on the economy. In other words, as long as social or civil organisations are beneficial to the country’s economy and its wellbeing, the Party will not interfere or even be of help to the former. Institutions are therefore interrelated; Party member are also members of social organisations thus ensuring some kind of security to their respective organisations and social organisations need connections within the Party in order to survive. For the purpose of this essay, civil societies (which include social orgs) will be defined as ‘intermediary sphere of voluntary association , compromising a range of organisations, groups, networks and associational forms, that is situated between the state and the family and that has some degree of autonomy from the state’ . The direct response to the title is that social organisations have impacted policy-making in China. To better understand this, an analysis of the evolution of social organisations will done, followed by the relationship between the government and social organisations and how the latter influence policy making (looking at Shanghai case study). I understand the relation between the two entities as a corporatist one, in that although the state deals with conflict resolutions and passes legislations, their implementation as well as the essence of these legislations is greatly from below.

Organisations were first introduced as involuntary, established as family and kinship orga...

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