The, The Biggest Company You 've Never Heard Of Essays

The, The Biggest Company You 've Never Heard Of Essays

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Glencore shares

Glencore was once dubbed the “the biggest company you’ve never heard of”. The noted clandestine commodities trading firm may have a global network that reaches to all four corners of the world, but it still hasn’t emerged as a headline performer. The reason being that Glencore and Glencore shares have faced their fair share of controversy, largely because they have struggled to shake loose the reputation of the company’s late founder Marc Rich. Not only that, the anger surrounding supposed kickbacks for Iraqi oil, contribution to pollution in Zambia, and the company’s decision to operate in apartheid ridden South Africa have hurt public image considerably in the past. Moving on from past controversies has proved to be quite the challenge for Glencore, but it seems that hasn’t stopped many eying up Glencoe shares as a potential investment.

Changing Face

Historically the public image of Glencore has been far from clean cut, but at the end of the day that isn’t what investors are choosing to trade in. They are looking to trade in a quality stock, something that Glencore shares represents after changing the face of their operations in 2015. Cuts usually spell disaster for most company’s, but its actually resulted in the opposite for Glencore. By slashing the production levels of zinc, the price of Glencore shares has skyrocketed by 12%. The change in business operation has allowed the company to retune in order to reduce the company’s debt by a third due to a $10.2 billion influx. Facing its vulnerabilities head on, it seems that the decision to cut back on 400,000 tons worth of copper production, offload struggling assets, and holding off on dividend pay-outs have removed the anchor from Glencore shares.

Future Th...

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...led to some thinking that the sector and issues related to Anglo American shares are overblown. If this were to be proven to be the case, then Anglo American shares could actually prove to be a bargain stock that returns big dividends. From analysts and trader reports, it seems that in 2015 and beyond Angle American shares will be an LSE stock that will divide opinion.

How Accendo Markets can help

Does the coal and iron ore sector appeal to you in spite of the downturn? Do you want to add one the top-20 largest LSE stocks to your portfolio? Then investing in Angle American shares will be of interest. Trading Anglo American shares couldn’t be simpler either; as Accendo Markets has the tools that can take you to the heart of the stock market action. Through the very best trading platforms and tools, trading Anglo American shares can now be done in a matter of moments.

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