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Georgina is presented as a figure that could somewhat be considered as the epitome of the beauty of a woman. Rather than viewing the birthmark as a complement to her beauty, he sees it as a flaw that he must get rid of to guarantee that she remains beautiful to him. At no point does he stop to ask her opinion on the issue showing that it did not matter what she thought. All that mattered is that as her husband he did not like the birthmark and thus she had to get rid of it to make him happy. This is a clear indication life in a society where the differences in gender are used to exploit, divide, and isolate women. One of the biggest rifts between men and women in the society even today is the fact that women are expected to meet the ideology of perfection.
Even as a homemaker, the wife must be perfect and remain proper in every given instance. There are various things that when a woman does everyone in the society, including other women, are bound to look down on her as they believe that it goes against the very nature of women. In reality, there is no such thing as the nature of women. For decades, women have lived in a society with clearly stipulated rules between the two genders and even women have come to a point that they also believe in the standards that have been set (Lupri, 56). A man can act unruly and people in the society will not even bat an eye given that people believe that it is okay. However, if a woman was to conduct herself in a similar fashion, the outrage she is likely to get from the society is rather appalling.
With the vast development that has taken place in the world of technology, most women easily have access to images in the media presenting what the perfect woman should look like. Women are willing ...

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...t makes the reader understand that the science laboratory is to some extent the realm of the man and not a place a woman would feel comfortable in (Lupri, 78). This scene marks the way in which the society has set different gender roles for people in the society. It gives one the notion that science and intellect is not something that a woman should delve into as it may eventually turn out to be a little too much for them to handle. This setting mirrors the reality of what happens in society, and even in today’s modern world.
There are more women who have joined the workforce, however most people still live in the world that there are certain professions men would perform better-compared women. This could explain why most women in the society often opt to go for the less technical careers and confine themselves to the limits that have been set on them by the society

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