The Art of Testing pH Levels Essay

The Art of Testing pH Levels Essay

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This report will examine a variety of methods that can be used to measure the acidity or alkalinity of a solution, also known as its pH level. The scale used to measure acidity and alkalinity is called a pH scale, which measures the amount of H+ ions in a solution. Acids have a pH level below 7; bases have a pH level above 7. Strong acids have the lowest pH levels (0-4) and strong bases have the highest pH levels (10-14). Neutral solutions have a pH of 7 and they are neither acidic nor basic. Distilled water is neutral, because the H+ and OH- ions are balanced.

An acid is a substance that produces hydrogen ions in water. When an acid dissolves in water, hydrogen molecules interact with water molecules to form hydronium ions. The strength of an acid is determined by the concentration of hydrogen atoms; the more hydrogen atoms in a solution, the stronger the acid; and, the less hydrogen atoms in a solution, the weaker the acid. Acids generally have a sour taste, react strongly with metals, and become less acidic when mixed with a base.

A base is a substance that forms hydro...

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