The American with Disabilities Act Essay

The American with Disabilities Act Essay

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As stated by the founding fathers of America “All men are created equal.” Black, white, brown, short, tall, smart, and dumb, all are created equally. Therefore every person deserves fair judgement. Unfortunately, it is a profound fact that not everyone is born normal and capable of task typical for a common person, who is free from disability. In my opinion, the quote “All men are created equal” serves to promote a friendly environment that helps encourage equality among people and aids to recognize the similarities rather than the differences that separates men. Even so, with this hope, the disabled community still struggles for equality. According to Legal Rights by the National Association of the Deaf (NAD), “Almost 10 percent of all American have some kind of hearing loss. These ten percent suffer from unfair treatment from professional, social and government service providers, including court and police” (NAD 1). Obviously, because deaf and hard of hearing have limited hearing, their communication and social skills are below the expectation of a common hearing person. Thus, most of these people are ignored, neglected, and discriminated against. However, as a citizen protected by the American with Disabilities Act (ADA), deaf and hard of hearing individuals deserve equal rights and must be accommodated for as a disabled person.
If everyone is entitled to all the rights and freedom that is set forth in the Declaration, disabled people should not be robbed of their rights. However, they are still devalued from conducting common tasks which puts them at the bottom of the priority list as an employee and even so as a friend. In search to solve this problem, according to “The Disabled” by Bender, D. on July 26, 1990, President G...

... middle of paper ... on Deaf Child Accepted” from the New York Times by Greenhouse, Linda on November 3, 1981. Supreme Court agreed to provide a sign language interpreter for deaf third grader. The appeals was based on the Education for All Handicapped Children Act. Apparently, Amy Rowley a deaf student who was adept at lip reading and received help from her hearing aid was performing above average from her class without special help. However, the court ruled “she was entitled to be able to understand everything said in the classroom, a goal that could be achieved only through sign language”(Greenhouse 2). Even though Amy Rowley in the top half of her class the court recognized that she is still being denied of her rights. Therefore, the court ruled in her favor to accommodate her for education. With the accommodation she will be given an opportunity to achieve her full potential.

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