The Adoption of Migration and Development Theories Essay

The Adoption of Migration and Development Theories Essay

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Initially, it should be noted that the world migration mainly refers to the movement of population into another country or region from their original country to which they are not native so as to settle there to work and live. There are many factors which can contribute to the large world migration including economic and political reasons, family gathering, natural disasters etc. According to published statistics, it is said by International Organization for migration that the number of migrants from foreign countries around the globe has reached more than 200 million. It is Europe that owned the largest number of migrants since it has already arrived at 70 million. The second are is North America which has more than 45 million migrants and the following that is Asia which holds almost a number of 25 million (Gurak and Fe, 1992)The world migrants have brought about abundant labor resource and stimulated the circulation of goods and services. Therefore, it is the purpose of this paper to conduct the trend of world migration based on migration and development theory so as to provide some insights. The second section of the paper will focus on stating the life story of some migrants in terms of how they work and settle their life in foreign countries. The third part will provide useful recommendations for migration development.

The adoption of migration and development theories

It can be noted that in analyzing the migration and development there are two general perspectives to be adopted such as Macro theory and Micro theory. In terms of the Macro theory it is also referred to as the push and pull. With regards to push element it initially refers to the motive and stimulus to cause immigration to move from th...

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