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The Testament Book Report Essay example

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My book is The Testament, which is a fictional book, is written by John Grisham . John Grisham was a lawyer and a politician before he became an author and currently changes between a home in Oxford, Mississippi and one in Charlottesville; he typically writes legal thrillers. The Testament, although it’s a legal thriller, is slightly different than his other books because it also has some adventure in the book.

The Testament takes place mainly in the Pantanal in Brazil/Bolivia and in multiple places in Virginia; it takes place in the December of 1996 and early 1997. The Pantanal is the largest swamp in the world; in the book it’s the rainy season and an area the size of Colorado is flooded. Many small rivers all connect to a main river, the Paraguay, which is a brown malted chocolate color in the book, and there are dense shrubbery, thickets, and trees lining the banks of the rivers.

The people the book is mainly about are Nate O’Riley, Rachel Lane, Troy Phelan, and his six legitimate children. Nate O’Riley is the protagonist in this book; he’s an alcoholic who’s crashed many times and has had 2 wives both of which he’s divorced from who is sent by Josh Stafford, Troy’s former lawyer, into the Pantanal to find Rachel Lane. He falls in love with her after finding her, and he also fights against the heirs(except Rachel) of Troy towards the end of the book. He’s also the executor of Rachel Lane’s will after she dies. I think Nate is interesting because he’s an alcoholic who’s also the protagonist of the book; I also think he’s interesting because of the way he talks/acts in some parts of the book(his character). The antagonists in this book are the Phelan heirs excluding Rachel. The heirs don’t cause a change ...

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...nclusion is that each heir will receive a 50 million dollar settlement, and any money left will be put in a trust and used for the things that Rachel said in her will, and Nate begins leaving the Pantanal on a boat thinking that it wouldn’t matter if it took a month to get back. I the book is mainly about Nate trying to find Rachel and protecting Troy’s will; I also think, though it’s probably not something very important, that Nate is trying to stop crashing and quit being an alcoholic.

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