Essay on Tension Between Russia And Ukraine

Essay on Tension Between Russia And Ukraine

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What is happening in the world today? Things are turning up since we have last been to war. Soldiers are returning home and everything is going good. Are things really turning around? If we look at the current situations there has been a lot of tension lately. Could this tension escalate and turn for the worst? Currently there has been a lot of tension between Russia and Ukraine. Also there has been tension between ISIS and Iraq. This tension could lead to major conflict and that conflict could lead to devastating result such as world war 3 or war just in general. How can these conflict result to war?

As human being we like the see the worst aspect of things or believe that the worst will happen. Currently Russian and Ukraine have been having disputes. This all happened because Russia entered Ukraine in the province of Crimea. Russia has now gained full control of the Crimean province and is continuing to maintain occupation of Ukraine 's military installation in the area. Russia argues that they are protecting their own interest within the region from political instability of the nations. The possible annexation of Crimea has moved Russian and Ukraine forces closer and closer to violent conflict. The conflict has created political schism, where some of eastern parts of Ukraine have come out as sympathetic to the Russians and are against reform. Clashes have begun to ensue across the country. Between Ukraine and the opposition forces that now control the country. The United States and most of the the EU have made threats to Russia 's economic sanctions. As well as voting to kick them out of the G8 if they don 't withdraw their troops from Ukraine So Is this conflict serious? Will Russian and Ukraine go to war? What about other ...

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...ned. It has lead us to think that it could only get worse because we tend to see the worst aspect.
The clues are all there. I think that world war 3 is on the verge because there is too much tension right now. There is tension in Europe with Russian and Ukraine. The most important Syria and Iraq. The US has already helped Iraq by launching a serious of airstrikes and even providing care packages. China, Russia, And Iran have already warned US to stay out. I think that if the us enters Syria it will be the start of world war 3. Imagine Russian, China, and their allies vs US and their allies this would lead to world war 3. With all of the information provided I think that world war 3 Is a possibility. Its in plain sight just look at all this tension. Look back at previous wars it started as a conflict and escalated into a major war. History does tend to repeat itself.

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