Essay about Television 's Perception Of Zombies

Essay about Television 's Perception Of Zombies

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When I envision zombies, I imagine the dead still decomposing from years of being buried. They slowly emerge from the grave, and stagger upon their steps as they learn to walk again. In spite of their slow amble, they somehow spring energetically into a song and dance lead by the Thriller himself, Michael Jackson. Ok, so perhaps, that was Jackson’s perception of zombies; it does not negate the fact that they possess no intellectual capacity to critically think for themselves. Additionally, they are violent and aggressive and will attack anyone who crosses their path. Although “all characters and events [in the video] are fictitious”, the epidemic that has infected nearly millions of people worldwide is real. This contagion is called television (or the media) and it has caused indelible damage. Television has not only taken control of our bodies and our intellects, it has taken over our personalities as well. Let’s face it; TV has turned us into zombies.
In the past, people relied on conversation or the great outdoors for amusement. Before Television invaded our homes, families sat together and ate dinner; they told ghost stories and danced around the fireplace to Pa’s fiddle. They took longs walks down the prairie and were physically active. I’m aware that it could have been the life of Charles and Caroline Ingalls. However, because they didn’t have television, Laura and Mary would often go for a swim, pick fresh fruit from the orchard, or draw fresh water from the well. The girls spent a great deal of time staying active and were physically fit; but that was a lifetime ago. Although it was merely a television show, it depicts what life was like before the invention of technology, before the creation of zombies.
With today’s 60 ...

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...nd the rotting teeth. He knew then nothing would ever be the same again. When I look out the window of my bedroom, I too can see them - slowly emerging from the schoolyard, shuffling down the street. Their clothes are deliberately torn and falling from their waist. They sneer through brace enclosed teeth. Their inarticulate chatter pierces through my window as they violently shout at each other and at any non-infected adult crossing their path. It is in that moment, I wonder… has my worst nightmare been realized. And then I hear it – Vincent Price’s voice echoes through my head uttering…
The foulest mouths pierce through the air,
The funk of obvious teenage years
Those whining ghouls in every room
Are wobbling in to seal your doom.
As we must fight to keep our minds
On their bodies they we wear frocks.
We’re but mere mortals, can we resist
The evil of the idiot box?

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