Television And Its Effect On Children Essay

Television And Its Effect On Children Essay

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Children can be influenced and impacted in many ways whether it is from their parents, peers, and even strangers. One thing many people don’t realize is that many children, nowadays,  are actually being influenced by the media, meaning they are being affected by different media sources, such as television and the internet. The question is whether the sources of media, television and the internet has a positive effect or a negative effect on children, and which source of media has a bigger effect.
Television has a big influence on children because many, if not all watch television, especially in the United States. This relates to the term “socialization” because it is a societal norm to watch television, and many children just have to deal with certain bad shows because that’s what comes on.  Television has many effects on children and some of them are negative, according to Paediatrics & Children’s Health, “not all television programs are bad, but data showing the negative effects of exposure to violence, inappropriate sexuality and offensive language are convincing.”(2003) This shows that, although, not all television programs are harmful for children to watch, but according to the data it does have negative effects for children who watch T.V shows that show violence, offensive language, or sexual scenes. For example, according to JAMA Pediatrics, two psychologist did an experiment about the long term and short term effects of violent media on children and adults, and they found that “a child may react with inappropriate fear or anger in a novel situation that is similar to one that the child has observed in the media. Repeated exposure to emotionally arousing media can also lead to habituation of certain natural emotional reacti...

... middle of paper ... about other countries and cultures or make new friends. This shows how the internet though there are negative effects on children, there are also positive effects as well, it shows how necessary the internet is.
    In conclusion, this research shows that television and the internet seem to have equal effect on children. These two sources of media both have positive aspects, such as they both benefit in teaching children about the world and learning very important lesson. As well as having negative aspects, such as these sources of media  leading to violent behavior and leading children into dangerous situations. Television and the internet both have a huge influence on children, especially this generation. It seems that television and the internet both have mostly negative effects, but the positive effects on children seems to be more beneficial in the long run.

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