Teens and Premarital Pregnancy

Teens and Premarital Pregnancy

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Premarital teenage pregnancy is something that has become a trending issues in American society. There are TV show being made highlighting unmarried teen pregnancy it is freely talked about through social media young girl’s think of teen pregnancy as the new fun thing to do today. The overwhelming high teenage pregnancy rates in the United States are over shadowing many industrialized countries (Japan, France, China, etc.). There are large percentages of girls under the age of twenty becoming teen mothers, teenager 15 through 18years of age are amongst the highest percentage (Solomon-Fears C., 2013). It is believe to be due the vast majority do not have a proper the understanding of contraception and it use. It has been said that high pregnancy rate amongst teenager’s come from “poverty and inequity” within social environments. Being in drug stricken areas where allocation of parent guidance is reduced due to addictive behavior within the home for the adult. Furthermore there is study the show that the risk of premarital teen pregnancy is nearly three to four times as high for the teenagers who has used illicit drugs themselves as well. On one hand many may argue that being unmarried and pregnant as a teen is the result of engaging in sexual act without using protection as well as non-consensual sex act (Solomon-Fears C., 2013). Thus the pregnancy came before the teen could even grasp a concept of marriage at all let alone having a child. One the other hand, some argue that the issue unmarried teen pregnancy is due to being raised in a single parent home or a living space were the mother and father are not married. Both theories are true in the case of being an unmarried pregnant teenager, the social environments that can influence such acts to occur. There has been a decline in unplanned pregnancies rates, however, the level are still too high. Unmarried pregnancy in teenagers has already had a huge impact on society in the United States. On an individual level and a larger spectrum the effects have been felt on broader level. There are so many unfavorable consequences that are associated with premarital teen childbearing. The teen pregnancy, poverty, and income disparity article states that “two-thirds of families begun by a young unmarried mother are poor” as noted by (Teen pregnancy, poverty, and income disparity, 2010). Premarital childbearing contribute the poverty level with in the community being unmarried and underage there is a high possibility that mother will need to lean on public assistance such as welfare for her and the child.

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This is believed to be due to the lack of education to get a between the teen mother and the fathers, which will make it hard to get and keep jobs. There will need to be supplemental income because teen mothers have lower incomes earning ability to help support the child’s nutritional needs. The teenage childbearing and Marriage (n.d) article “estimated that the annual cost associated with childbearing prior to age 19 was $6.9 billion” as noted by (Teenage Childbearing and Marriage (n.d). Most if not all teen father are unlikely to marry the mother of their child, so this reduce the level of support by half. The premarital children have who are vulnerable to severe adverse social and economic consequences (Teenage Childbearing and Marriage (n.d). The children who come from mother who have not yet matured themselves children end up in poverty with lower education levels. Premarital teen childbearing causes a downward trend that may continue if there are no changes made. Researcher suggests that children do best when two parents who work together and have a healthy marriage (Solomon-Fears C. , 2013). There are program that are being put in place to help reduce unmarried pregnancy in teens contraception education for teenagers, job training for teen mothers, family planning services for teen mothers. This has been effective thus far with helping to decrease the teenage pregnancy birth rate in America.

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