Technology Is The Enemy Of Tomorrows Essay

Technology Is The Enemy Of Tomorrows Essay

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Innovation, every organization wants it, but most cannot grasp proper change. In fact, more than two thirds of innovative efforts fail. Look at corporate giants like Kodak, Blockbuster, Motorola, Toys “R” Us and Yahoo. Every one of those companies where paramount, dominating their market and somehow they all lost their edge. Why? Because of disruptive internal culture.
Culture is the foundation to being innovative, but it can be an opportunity or a culprit. When the culture is correct then an organization will have a culture of innovation, or what we call an innovative culture. There are various ways of creating the proper culture but ideally an innovative culture consist of good leadership and management that provides internal environmental change, a system of measure, clear collaborated values that influences organizations behavior, and the understanding that todays successes is the enemy of tomorrows. Companies like Apple, Google, and 3M. All of which are some of strongest innovative companies in today’s world.
Apple, Google, and 3M are revolutionary and we are going to take a broad look into the internal structured and find out why they have be so successful. Then based on what I have learned, I will share what systems or lack thereof will suffocate innovation and intrapreneurship and what I would place in motion, if I was fostering a culture of innovation.
Top Innovative Companies
Companies like Apple, Google, and 3M may have different structures looking in the same direction. The look into the future and when opportunity arises they seize it. Many companies get tunnel vision, which are blinders for the future. Such blinders can send mighty companies off course and sometimes finish them.
Companies like Blockbuster, Koda...

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... to scale up and aid in efficiency. Unfortunately polices can also cripple a company. When policies take empowerment away from employees the culture of innovation is dead. When an organization functions without a clear vision the corporate innovation is dead. Apple, Google, and 3M may have all ran differently, but they all empowered employees and had a clear vision were they are going creating a culture of innovation on every level.
Apple, Google, and 3M are all proven innovative companies. They are not just stuck in an evolutionary state of comfort they are revolutionary, paving the way for others. They have taught us that “innovative companies focus on the right set of outcomes. They tailor what is measured, monitored, and controlled to suit their focus, and strike the right balance between performance and innovation.” (Govindarajan & Srinivas, 2013)

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