Technology And Its Impact On Society Essay

Technology And Its Impact On Society Essay

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Most people would agree that the world of technology expanded very much in recent years. More than less, technology always contributed to the development of society, education and in psychological research as well. New modern technology transforming research investigation gradually, helping to improve our understanding and allows us to gather the evidence in an effective way. Resent influence of technological advancement is wide ranging. From the most popular internet invention, through changes in young population and their communication habits to their sophisticated interaction with friend. More importantly new dimension and scientific contribution of the brain imagining technics is extraordinary invention. It is inevitable help in the development of psychological research. but not only that the Innovative technology enabled us to use new ways how to investigate the most important research what ever been carried out, the obedience study.
Groundbreaking research on the psychology of obedience studied human nature and influences under the orders of an authority (Banyard, 2012).The evidence from Milgram’s work has shown (cited in Banyard, 2012), that he looked at the extent to which people would give an electric shock to another person to such degree that they would kill that person. And just because they would say to do so and just because somebody in the smart grey coat said ‘You have no choice; you must go on’ (Banyard, 2012, p.73). The study was carried out in laboratory settings with a high level of control. Prior experiment, participants volunteered and had given consent to take part in. However, seemingly ideal study revealed a certain limitations such as lack of ecological validity and many ethical issues (Banyard, 2012). ...

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...ssist in recovery (cited in Toates, 2012, p.316). Although, technology plays part, it is well combined with other methods.
With a focus on technology and her decisive role in the development of psychological research, we can confirm that technological development can speed up changes in psychological research. The technology has provided the new opportunities for researchers to improve their old methods for study of obedience and successfully overcome many ethical issues. As well as monitoring all aspects of brain and how they are link to different issues and different problems. Yet, despite this contribution more research need to be done in connection with internet addiction and children’s interaction with their peers. There are no doubts that continuing growth in technology advancement will go along with further development of psychological research in the future.

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