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Team Performance Improvement Essay

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“To become a high-performing team the team must be competent at goal setting, making assignments and ensuring that team members have the skills to complete them, consensus decision making, setting high standards, holding people accountable, and running effective meetings” (Dyer, Dyer, & Dyer, 2007, p. 74). In the article, “Professionals’ Views on Interprofessional Stroke Team Functioning” Jane Cramm & Anna Nieboer (2011) seek to explain that interprofessional teamwork is considered the core component of integrated care, a complex activity involving many different health care providers that demands effective team functioning (p. 1-2). And in the article, “The Role of Oncologists in Multidisciplinary Cancer Teams in the UK: An Untapped Resource for Team Leadership?” Benjamin Lamb, Heather Payne, Charles Vincent, Nick Sevdalis & James Green (2011) seek to explain why “good teamwork, including team communication and leadership, has been shown to be a prerequisite for safe care delivery in other health care contexts, but cancer MDT team working processes are yet to be fully explored” (p. 1200). According to Dyer, Dyer, & Dyer (2007) high performing teams are those with members whose skills, attitudes, and competencies enable them to achieve team goals (p. 4). The two articles revealed that team performance and leadership functionality needed improvement for the success of the individual teams and patient’s care. Team performance relies heavily upon the team lead’s ability to be able to identify and have the essential skills required in solving problems as required by the team.
Cramm & Nieboer (2011) explains in their article Professionals’ Views on Interprofessional Stroke Team Functioning “that involvement of various professiona...

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...mproving and the actions needed to achieve team and member improvement.

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