The Task of The Church Today Essay

The Task of The Church Today Essay

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Throughout the dawn of ages man has grappled with many facets when comprising a theological understanding of Christian discipleship and mission. Mission can be categorized from both a systematic and applied theological perspective. Within systematic theology it lies in “ecclesiology;” a central component when analyzing the doctrine of the church. Within applied theology it is in nestled in scriptural foundation. From a biblical perspective mission coincides with the Great commission, which all Christians have been mandated to uphold. “The followers of the earthly Jesus have to make others into what they themselves are: disciples.” The Bible instructs the believer on discipleship. Discipleship should be the core of the Church permeating every aspect of the Church’s overall mission. A Christian who neglects to express Christ’s love for humanity through compassionate service is not living a life of full discipleship. The task in making disciples is providing an account of mission that clearly outlines both serviceable and viable practices of ministry. Mission is understood as being a critical component in the life of the Church; yet it is often overlooked in actual practice. The theory appeals to all, yet the implementation of effective mission leaves many bewildered and baffled as to where to begin. Mission in its earlier understanding was thought to center solely on saving lost souls; however mission is transforming. It is not only limited to reaching the individual, but now it has expanded to be inclusive of saving the society in which man lives as well. “Mission is not primarily what we do. It is what God does.” Through the exploring of great theologians...

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