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The Tamil Tigers of Sri Lanka, also known as LTTE (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam), are one of the most configured, brutal, and effective terrorist groups in the world. They invented suicide vests and according to the FBI, “are the only terrorist group to have assassinated two world leaders” (Pickert). “The Tamil Tigers are among the most dangerous and deadly extremists in the world. For more than three decades, the group has launched a campaign of violence and bloodshed in Sri Lanka, the island republic off the southern coast of India” (FBI). Through their history, they have financed their operations with drug smuggling, bank robberies, and other illegal acts. They use girls and boys as young as ten years old in its fight against the armed forces. They are kidnapped, brainwashed, and sent to die.
The rebels located in northern and southern Sri Lanka, wage a violent assault against the government for more than 20 years. A couple years ago, federal forces announced they captured the Tiger 's capital, Kilinochchi, but will not give up their fight. The Tigers, which include 5,000-10,000 fighters, are fighting to break away from the island country of Sri Lanka. Along the way of seizing control of the country from the Sinhalese ethnic majority, they launched suicide attacks, assassinated politicians, taken hostages and committed all crimes to finance its operations. Since 1983, the resulting civil war has taken lives of nearly 70,000 Sri Lankans. The U.S. Government has designated the Tigers a foreign terrorist structure, so their activities are illegal. During the first years of their existence, they were one of the several resistance groups competing for support from the Sri Lankan population. “After a 1983 LTTE at...

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...who spearheaded the war against the LTTE, said (Livemint). Political parties such as the TNA (Tamil National Alliance) are trying to bring back the terrorist group. Some of the LTTE are still active in Western countries such as the UK. Parties are trying to create divisions in the country. “The US report itself says in plain language that the LTTE is still around. What Sri Lanka is going to do about it, and how the world is going to help Sri Lanka in the matter is however a matter of distress and dispute at the same time” (Thuppahis). Tamil causes are known to be traveling overseas at daily time intervals to participate in conferences and seminars, possibly with no cost to them. The state government is believed to have influenced local organizers from putting up a small written act or look alike of LTTE 's Prabhakaran in
a temple for war heroes from the past.

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