Taking a Brief Look at Poverty in Egypt Essay

Taking a Brief Look at Poverty in Egypt Essay

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Poverty In Egypt
Poverty is not only affecting poor ones but the whole society is totally affected by it. The rate if poverty actually depends on the country and its condition, the more the country is corrupted the more the poverty increases, that's why in the most developed countries the rate of poverty becomes too lower than the developing ones. Being a poor person means being deprived of the basic needs to live as a human being in any society and that's why according to human rights there should be no poor people living in earth. Although a country like Egypt is full of resources and promising market but still the rate of poverty is very depressing especially that it is in continues rising every year and with all the attempts made to stop it poverty is still one of the main problems that Egypt is facing. The reason why every country should care to get rid of poverty in it is because not only do they help the poor and needy ones but they are as well helping themselves and ensuring a better life to their children in the future. Aside from this the more there is poverty in a country the more the poor this country would be , it’s hard to find a rich country with a high poverty rate and vice versa.

The purpose of this research is to find out the main reasons of poverty in Egypt and determine the consequences resulting from the poverty in Egypt while pointing out or recommending the most practical solution that could be well applied to this problem.

One of the main causes for poverty in Egypt is illiteracy, illiteracy rate had gone so high lately that it reached really critical levels. The increase in the uneducated people consequently increases the rate of unemployment because there is no chance or opportunity of work to t...

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...m so as a recommendation to solve the poverty problem in Egypt the poor families shouldn't just be given support in terms of money but in terms of job availability and opportunities given to them so they could have a fixed salary and have a decent life to live in the country.


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