Survival of 15 Year Old Girl Essay

Survival of 15 Year Old Girl Essay

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It’s year 2036, the government has collapsed on itself, the economy crumbled. Riots & Rebellion and violence fill the streets. The cities abandoned, suburbs a ghost town. Resources used up, and the chance of survival is rare. After the government shutdown, they couldn’t seem to start back up again. Attempts of restarting were common, but never successful. After the government was gone, the oil taken from the east was no longer being replenished, and being used up daily. Technology failed due to a virus and basic electricity we have depended on for centuries. The chance of survival for a 15 year-old girl is rare but this is my story of survival in a complicated and confusing world, alone.
Common fears of society include the basic things that the human race depends upon. The government collapsing, the economy failing, and riots breaking out are realistic fears and a possibility for our future. The narrator is a young girl all alone in the new and failing world, another big fear of people is isolation; having no family, and being by yourself is a big anxiety of the majority of people. Without the government, there is a lack of freedom and authority that keeps the country sane. Pain, death, failure, and the unknown are popular and relatable anxieties that are constantly running in the back of our minds. In my story a girl who is all alone, has dealt with death and pain, and will never know where she will end up with frighten the audience due to how realistic it is. The whole government shutdown that was occurring in our country in 2013, comes up in my story, some people still have the fear that our government will shutdown again and never open back up again. The economy issue in 2009 that caused the stocks market to drop and lead ...

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...urs looking for a protected, covered and hidden place to catch some shut eye, but today that didn’t happen. I also would normally look for some vegetation to eat, or maybe a dead animal to cook. Tonight I’m going to sleep hungry, cold, and drained completely of my energy and motivation to make it to the coast.
I don’t know if I will make it to dawn, if the gang finds me, or I just cant seem to wake up, whoever is reading this journal will know my story. I want to make it to Florida so badly, I know that’s what my parents would have wanted for me. Now I’m on my own, as a 14 year old. No other 14 year old has had to travel a thousand miles alone, without food, family or someone to love.

P.S. If I don’t make it, pass my story on to others. Make them want to survive, in hopes that our country can again be functioning and have their peace and order restored.

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