Fear And Foresight In A Doll's House By Henrik Ibsen

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Into the Unknown
As people grow up, they tackle their own challenges, fears begin to fester and grow inside of them. These fears have the potential to change the way people will live out their day-to-day life. Along with fears is foresight. This can aid people in the search for how to overcome, or work around their fears. Foresight can also help people picture how their fears may affect their life. Both fears and foresight have the potential to offer people life-altering choices that will help people grow. Fear and foresight can both have a large part in influencing life-altering choices, just as Nora Helmer, Florentine and a choice of my own, all illustrate.
A Doll’s House by Henrik Ibsen is a modern prose drama that illustrates the exchange between fear and foresight in regards Nora’s
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Nora is presented with many choices, one of them being the option to lie to her husband, Torvald, or not to lie. Most of these tiny, white lies include when Nora tells Torvald that she has not eaten macarons. She goes about her choice to lie in a way that she believes is rational. Nora also has the foresight to weigh her options. If she lies to Torvald, they will have a happy marriage, but if Nora deceives him, everything will crumble beneath her feet. Choosing the former, Nora lives in fear that Torvald will discover her, but is happy living in falsehood. Eventually it becomes normal for Nora to lie, almost like nothing is wrong. Although, deep down inside, Nora is hiding a greater secret from Torvald, underneath all the tiny white lies. This falsehood regards a large sum of money that she borrows to save her husband 's life. Nora has acquired a lump sum from Nils Krogstad, that she knows she does not have the means to pay back in full by his set deadline. Nora’s fear of Torvald finding out weighs heavily in her decision of how to go about breaking even with
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