Surrogacy : An Controversial Type Of Surrogacy Essay example

Surrogacy : An Controversial Type Of Surrogacy Essay example

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Bob and Maria have been trying to conceive a child for five years but where no lucky, so when they found out that Maria that she was not able to carry a child through a pregnancy really saddened the couple. Therefore, they decided to seek other ways to become parents and finally decided that surrogacy was there best option to have the best chance of getting their biological child. There are different types of surrogacy, but the most common and the most controversial type of surrogacy is the commercial surrogacy. Which is where the surrogate also called the gestational carrier receives money to carry the child of the biological parent. A typical surrogate mother is in her twenties with at least two children and has thirteen years of formal education. In the process of vitro fertilization, the egg from the intended mother is fertilized in a laboratory with the sperm of the intended father or other sperm donor and infection into the surrogate mother 's uterus. Although critics claim that surrogacy is emotionally unhealthy for the women who serve as surrogates, the process is morally acceptable and beneficial to society because it offers parenthood to individuals who have executed many other options.
Many people believe that it is unethical to borrow someone 's womb in order to raise another individual 's child. In the article “Out of The Ordinary” by Helen Lewis, analyzes how “2,000 surrogate babies are born on behalf of British couples, 95 per cent of them to mothers oversea.” Many people believe that surrogacy is not good for society, because it 's paying money to have a child. Therefore, many people believe that it is ethical to produces babies just to have them sold the moment they are born. The same article discusses that“the r...

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...there are individuals who are willing to be the gestational carrier in order to help the biological parents be able to become parents. Even if there are negatives in surrogacy such as it not being a natural process of consuming a child and other part of society might think that it is morally unethical. There are many positives that would improve today 's society by increasing birthrates and also giving a chance for individuals who want to become parents to now able to do so through the help of others. Surrogates bring life into the world for parent who would love them, it is a gift that decades before might seem impossible and insane. But in present day, with the help of technology individuals are able to have children even there is a fault in them. Maria and Bob have went through the journey and now are able to experience what it means to have a child of their own.

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