Supporting The Curriculum Redesign And Have Asked For Professional Development

Supporting The Curriculum Redesign And Have Asked For Professional Development

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A. Identify one strength of this school, citing evidence to support your response.

One strength of this school is teachers who are active in supporting the curriculum redesign and have asked for professional development to support its implementation. The evidence to support this response is found in the introduction where it mention that teachers are stable in the school for the past two years and are working towards curriculum redesigning.

B. Identify three areas of need in the instructional program, citing evidence to support each need.
One area of need is working with special needs students (Limited English Proficient and Student with disabilities) in both Math and ELA. The evidence to support this response is that there is a significant population of special needs. The combined population is close to 40% of the school’s population. According to document 1, more that 60 percent of both groups fail to meet proficiency. The second area of need in instructional program is specifically in the math department. In this department the area in need is working with expressions and equations. The evidence to support this response is found in document 2 where Sixth graders and Eight Graders scored the lowest in that section. While that is not true for the Seventh Graders the numbers does not deviate far from the lowest score in all sections. A third area of need is the all sections of the Eight Grade Math class. When compared to the other Math classes in the school it had the lowest of the scores. While the area tested is not identical the numbers are significantly below for the overall pass rate for students in the math class. The evidence to support this response is found in Document 2 where 40% of the students or less score...

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...ata allows us to look back at our curriculum and make adjustment and that is that our focus should be. Another challenge can be reviewing the data and teachers not jumping to conclusions about what the underlying cause might be. Many teachers and educational professional are quick to come to conclusions and this might be challenging. It is human nature to evaluate. This evaluation is important in having an opinion. Evaluation however must be supported by evidence. Many would argue that the students are lazy and don’t want to work. This is the kind of opinion that if there is no evidence then can prohibit change. Professional must overcome obstacles such as blame and work as a team to solve problems in education. To overcome this challenge I will ensure that there are norms to the meetings and while opinions are important have evidence is necessary to bring change.

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