Summary : ' The ' Cockroach Who Attacked Me ' On The Streets Of Brooklyn York City

Summary : ' The ' Cockroach Who Attacked Me ' On The Streets Of Brooklyn York City

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Dear cockroach who attacked me, on the streets of Brooklyn, New York City,
I hate you.
I hate you in ways in which you couldn’t imagine. Your tiny little cockroach brain would struggle to hold such creativity. Let’s just agree to disagree. Imagination ends and begin with human life in which, you are not. There shouldn’t be any ambiguity surrounding this fact. This is beside the point. This letter isn’t to make amends, isn’t to bash your very existence. It is simply to inform you of your wrongdoings. Speaking of the circumstances, we didn’t get the proper introduction.
I’m a Chicago girl.  I’ve only come across bugs whenever I explore the unknowns of a basement and I can tell you I don’t do that so often. I’ve been afraid of butterflies, grasshoppers, and other insects since who-knows-when. I don’t know why you could ever think I wasn’t afraid of you. I’m not certain if you’re afraid of humans, but I have to ask. I don’t want to come off as self-absorbed. I wasn’t used to such filth of your city – Chicago is much cleaner than New York.
I know you cannot care less about where I’m from or my opinion about the cleanliness of my city compared to yours. I thought you had to know how far I came just to travel to New York. I know it’s not that far. I saved my pennies and nickels just to take that trip. Don’t knock me from trying to explain that little detail because it had a lot to do with our interaction.
You violated my personal space as I walked down your street. You never can imagine such a thing happening to you, until it does. I was violated and humiliated in front of not only you, but your cockroach friends and the man with the giant snake half his size. I tried hard to avoid the snake man and ended up crossing paths with you.

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...uld have been enough! But it was so much more than that. You presented yourself there on that sidewalk and you rattled my cage. Sure. Even now, I can tell myself that you have gotten better at your people skills, but we both know that would be a lie.
I can only hope that you get squished on the street and end up on a bottom of a shoe. I hope that your cockroach corpse gets dragged into the smoking pit of hell from where you came. We both know that we will see each other again. I will rain such vengeance down upon you and your friends. Your children’s children will know that in their last breath, their dying moments that your stupidity inflicted this ruin upon them. I hope you learned something after reading this letter. Accept your wrongdoings. Know that your actions and the actions of your friends do have consequences and repercussions.
Until we meet again,

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