A View From The Bridge Essay

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How important are Miller's language choices and use of stage directions in aiming the audience to view Eddie as a tragic hero in the play ‘A View from the Bridge’? The play ‘A View from the Bridge’ is Arthur Miller’s modern-day revamp of a Greek tragedy. Alongside creating the character of Alfieri to abide with the traditional chorus role, he toys with fate, a feature steeped deeply in generic Greek tragedies. However, the aspect that is truly reminiscent of these dramas is the flawed protagonist of this particular play, Eddie Carbone. His bears the characteristics of many a tragic Greek hero, from his fatal flaw - his hamartia - to his demise brought about by a cruel twist of fate. Eddie’s status within the Red Hook community is the modern counterpart to the ranks of other Greek heroes - ???. In the first scene, Miller utilizes stage lighting to ‘highlight’ Eddie within his group of peers. Eddie adheres to traditional Italian values, which ??? respect and regard to his person. Louis: you got a lotta credit comin’ to you.’ The reverence for the character of Eddie extends into Eddie’...

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