Essay on Summary Of ' The Baby Is Coming ! '

Essay on Summary Of ' The Baby Is Coming ! '

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It was 11:45pm on a gloomy Monday night, and an excited Cynthia was putting the finishing touches on her sky blue baby shower invitations. Cynthia worked up a sweat from all of this activity, and then suddenly she felt a sharp pain in her lower abdomen. At that moment she immediately woke her husband Matthew with a loud shrill that sounded like “The baby is coming!”. Matthew thought he was still dreaming until he felt a hard thud on the top of his head, and opened his eyes to his wife’s pale face that was as bright as a ghost. Matthew did not know what to think, this was his first child, his first everything and he was nowhere near ready to become a new father. Matthew still had a lot of bottled in information about himself that he has yet to confess to his wife, and was kind of afraid to. As Matthew was caught in a daze, Cynthia grew angry and her moans became louder and clear and immediately snapped him out of his dream world. He was about to become a father, and it was not a thing he could do about it.
The anxious couple hopped inside of their 2006 Ford Explorer to the nearest ER, and after several hours of extreme gruesome labor, Cynthia finally gave birth to a baby boy named Jordan. Joran weighed five pounds and three ounces. His eye lashes were so long, that even the nurse said that he should be an eyelash model for Cosmopolitan Magazine. Matthew and Cynthia thought that that was a very odd contradiction to make considering Jordan was a baby boy, but they did not give it much thought. Five years later Jordan was now a five-year-old child about to enter Pre-Kindergarten for the first time ever. This was a very exciting yet nerve wrecking event for his parents because they noticed that Jordan is now more attracted to baby d...

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...f his parents inside of a nice Christian home. He was raised that the right thing to do was to date the opposite sex as him, and anything other than that is a sin. Michael claims that he has a very close relationship to Jesus Christ and reads his bible everyday faithfully in hopes to become a fully straight male. Unfortunately, Michael is bisexual, and has not informed his parents of his preference. He confessed that he does not believe that he was born being sexually attracted to both male and female, it was a choice that he made on his own. He claimed he did not make this realization until he caught feelings for his longtime friend Jacob. It was very unexpected and was a mutual feeling. He also informed me that just because he has feelings for his friend Jacob, it does not mean that he still does not find females attractive and want to have a life with them also.

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