Summary Of ' My Dad ' By F. Scott Fitzgerald Essay

Summary Of ' My Dad ' By F. Scott Fitzgerald Essay

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Everyone has experienced a death before whether it 's your pet fish, hamster or cat. Death doesn 't always make it easier each time though. When you’re young it 's not as easy to explain to you why someone dies. At 5 or even 50 you still always wonder "why"? There is never an easy way to tell someone. It’s even harder to explain to your seven year old why grandpa no longer is going to be around. All of the things you guys did with each other like going to the park, watching your favorite TV show with them. Remembering how they use to brush their hair and you 'd just watch them. All of the memories you have with them seem to just start rushing back all at once. Is it my fault? Where did they go? Do they still love you?
My grandpa Jim was different; he wasn’t my grandpa by blood. He wasn’t even the real father to my dad, auntie and uncle; he treated them like they were his own. He was truly an angel. That’s why it felt so much worse. My grandpa was so tall that he had to duck his head through a doorway. He always tucked his shirt in, wore his watch and his rings. He had a special brush that he used. Although he had a bald patch he would just brush his hair over it. I thought that was funny. I loved him with all my heart though. I remember going to my grandma and grandpa 's house when my parents would be at work. I loved looking at the pictures on the walls. I also remember this old ratty recliner they had, it was brown, but it was my grandpas’ favorite chair. He would put the recliner back with a can of coke and a cigarette. He sure loved his coke. I thought it was gross. We would wait and watch Texas Rangers while my grandma would cook us breakfast. I could smell the bacon all the way in the next room. We would also go to the park ...

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...memories and pictures. That he wouldn’t be there to cheer me up anymore. My heart was shattered into a million pieces. To think he would never get to see me graduate or even get married. My grandpa was in the army so they did this whole big ceremony thing. We drove to Fort Snelling cemetery where he would be buried in. They shot off loud rifles in the air, and gave the bullets to my grandma. Then the American flag they had draped over his coffin they folded it and also gave it to her. They let us say our last goodbyes. I busted out in tears, because I just couldn’t believe it, I was so young and just didn’t understand why. I had to learn to get used to not seeing him no more. He has been there since day one. I had put my favorite stuffed animal in the casket so he could always have a piece of me with him. Blood or not that was my grandpa and best friend. I loved him.

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