Summary Of ' Alexandra K. Murphy And Danielle Wallace 's Article, Opportunities For Making Ends Meet And Upward

Summary Of ' Alexandra K. Murphy And Danielle Wallace 's Article, Opportunities For Making Ends Meet And Upward

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In Alexandra K. Murphy and Danielle Wallace 's article, Opportunities for Making Ends Meet and Upward Mobility, the main purpose is to determine which poor neighborhoods are more disadvantageous. The key question the authors are asking is what is the differences in organizational deprivation across urban and suburban poor neighborhoods. The researchers come to the conclusion that if a person is poor they are better off living in the central city. The motivation behind Murphy and Wallace 's research is due to the fact that more than forty-nine percent of the poor in the U.S were no longer located in the inner city, but the suburbs.
The most important information in this article comes from the methods and results. The authors cite the different methods they used to gather the information to answer their question of whether poor people in urban or suburban neighborhood deprived of the resources need to survive and advance in life. The authors explain how they collected their down, but at the same time Murphy and Wallace state their data may underestimate the resources in a poor neighborhood. This piece of information is important to note for two reasons, one it shows the authors data is possibly flawed. However, the same piece of information shows that Murphy and Wallace are not trying to be bias, because the authors could have left this piece of information out. The next important information comes from the results. The authors do address the complexities of the question asked. The authors do not simply look at if the neighborhood geographic locate, but also the ethnic makeup of the neighborhood. This is an important factor that races does play a factor in the organizational deprivation. One could say this is probably only in the ...

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...t. Murphy and Wallace see that there are many different factors what lead to the neighborhood like a racial pattern. They see the point of view of many African Americans and Hispanics that they are deprived of certain resources because there are of a certain race.

In conclusion, Murphy and Wallace make a great argument on their main ideology that poor people in urban cities have better daily lives and are able to achieve upward mobility. Throw their data Murphy and Wallace show in poor suburban neighborhoods there is a lack of organizational resources. Also, they point out that their data also shows that there are other factors like race also plays a factor in why there is a lack of organizational resources need in the communities. This is a great article if a person is looking for information containing to differences in the urban and suburban poor neighborhoods.

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