The Suicide Rate Of College Students Essay

The Suicide Rate Of College Students Essay

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Stress in the western academic environment is a well-known fact of life, with suicide being the second leading cause of death, with an estimated 1,088 suicides occurring on campuses each year. (Potter, Silverman, Connorton, & Posner, 2004). Although the suicide rate of college students is only about half the national rate for a sample matched by age, gender, and race, suicide and attempted suicide are the tip of the iceberg of a larger mental health and substance abuse problem among college students. (Potter, Silverman, Connorton, & Posner, 2004). Leaving family and peer supports to enter an unfamiliar environment with higher academic standards can deepen depression or heighten anxiety. (Potter, Silverman, Connorton, & Posner, 2004). It becomes apparent, then, that it behooves us to acknowledge, understand, and respond to the problem.
As a self-directed student, especially one laden with an already full and active schedule, the first step I need to take is to understand my schedule and set realistic goals of academic expectations; in simpler words, I need to figure how many classes I can take at each given time. If previous experience is anything to go about, I can only take one class at a time in the UoPeople, especially since I’m concurrently studying Japanese quite intensely.
The second step, is to analyze my weekly workload and personal needs and set an appropriate schedule that will allow me to study in a methodical, systematic way.
The third step is to break down the UoPeople workload into small but concrete and easily assimilable chunks. For example, in my previous attempt of taking this class, the Moodle workspace seemed very cluttered (and, speaking as person involved semi-professionally in graphics designing, it is), so ...

... middle of paper ...

...Japanese reading; For example, the kanji 中 can be read as chuu (Chinese reading) and naka (Japanese reading). To the eternal dismay of every Japanese student, both the Chinese and Japanese readings are essential to learn as Chinese readings are preferred in compound words, while Japanese readings are used in stand-alone characters. Yet, the award of the “Kanji with the most readings,” goes to the humble 生 (previously encountered in ikebana) which has an estimated 200 different readings. (Noguchi, 2011)
kimono: The traditional (and beautiful, I might add) Japanese garment which consists of full-length robes and accessories. It comes from the Japanese word 着(wear) and 物 (thing), or dress.
Why am I expending so much time to write so much information on words? To my astute and objective understanding there is no discernable reason; I’m simply being fascinated with words.

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