Essay about The Subculture of Gothic

Essay about The Subculture of Gothic

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In our society today, everyone is categorized by the way they express themselves, whether it’s the way they dress or the music they listen to. There are many of these groups more commonly known as subcultures that represent people with shared interests and values. The Gothic subculture is very diverse and carried throughout the world. It generated globally from the United Kingdom in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s from the punk genre (Goth: Undead Subculture, 2013). This subculture is usually defined as being ‘dark’ or ‘depressing’ with the dark coloured clothes, makeup and hair, since it mimics the Renaissance age. Thus, it is highly mistaken by the outside world. Mainstream culture has labeled the gothic culture to be violent and full of hatred when in reality Goths are just expressing their personal identity. This is simply just a way for the followers of this subculture to express deep thought and emotion stereotyped by society.
As many people have experienced, it is not simple to fit into today’s society. The feeling of belongingness generally draws those who are among Goths. They might have felt that they were isolated from the norms that people live by and by being apart of a group; they created their own small community. This is one subculture that is manipulated less by consumerism and media but more by their individualism. The Goth subculture is based on ones own creativity compared to the rest of civilization, which normally follows the actions and appearance forced onto them by the media. Therefore, the theory of ‘cool’ is rarely or never placed upon the Goth society. Although it is far less drastic for a Goth to express themselves in the 20th century rather than when this subculture first began, they ...

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...ociety can be difficult at times when others are constantly judging each other. Subcultures provide citizens with an alternative where they can feel a sense of belonging when this sensation is absent in the mainstream society. Goths are an example of a culture that came together to form their own community where people with shared interests and beliefs can express themselves without fear of judgment. Although the Gothic subculture is stamped as being very dark and depressing, we have learned that image is only a small part of it. Goths are positive thinkers and while they associate with death, interest in horror movies, and like punk music, there is no reason for them to be stereotyped as being violent. They may be different from other subcultures, but a Goth has good intentions and just like anyone, they deserve to be respected with whatever they want to believe.

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