Students ' Social And Emotional Health Benefits Essay

Students ' Social And Emotional Health Benefits Essay

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Mindfulness develops your ability to be in the present, aware of yourself and environment around you, and to develop a greater choice of habits instead of reacting to situations in a pattern of negativity (Ward, 2015). Individuals can practice mindfulness in just about everything they do on a daily basis including; eating, talking, walking, studying, and grocery shopping, with this it can be done while standing, sitting, driving, and laying down. Mindfulness practices have become increasingly popular in the past 15-years in society due to a need for continuous social and emotional health growth (Meiklejohn et al., 2012). The increase has lead to mindfulness being used in medical, counseling, and education fields, but for the purpose of this review, we will be only focusing on the education field, specifically teacher and students’ social and emotional health benefits.
There are different mindful based practices that are being implemented in schools across the country. There are programs being taught in colleges for future educators, exposing them to the benefits before ever entering the classroom and professional development opportunities in mindfulness for teachers and staff already in the school systems. Students are also being exposed to the mindfulness based practices through sessions throughout their school years to promote their social and emotional health. Though there are separate opportunities for teachers and students, there are also school-wide programs for the entire school body to reap the benefits of mindfulness based practices.
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...s, Canada, and other countries around the world. There is an increase of benefits and use of mindfulness program amongst students and teachers; however, there would be a greater impact if the programs were administered more diversely in schools within the United States. The implementation of MBWE to teacher candidates at a Canadian college (Meikeljohn et al., 2012) is showing growth towards social and emotional health. The United States teacher candidates could benefit from having such programs in their own colleges to increase the social and emotional health of all future students and current students being taught in our school systems. If there was an increase in the implementation of college courses about mindfulness based practices, then we are better preparing our future teachers to serve and handle our students who need positive social and emotional habits.

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