Students Leadership Opportunities For Run Activities Held At The Program

Students Leadership Opportunities For Run Activities Held At The Program

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students leadership opportunities to run activities held at the program. Combining leadership opportunities, enhanced grades, and attitude towards school will also look great on a student’s college application, and increase a student’s chance of being accepted (Beck par. 15).
Another benefit of after school activities is the relationship building between police officers and students. Many after school programs have at least one police officer on duty to build positive relationships with the police force. Police officers in the Sports Academy take time to educate students about the law and the importance of academics (Beck par. 7, 8). Records show that the majority of crimes committed by students are performed during the first few hours after school. Time at after school activities provide students a place to get away from these crimes, and educate them about the treacherous consequences of committing crimes (Schulman par. 1). The Department of Education reported in 2000 that three states who implemented after school programs saw a twenty-five percent drop of crimes committed by students. Twelve “high risk” California schools saw a fifty percent decrease in crimes and violent activity after the programs were placed (“After” par. 2, 3). Through numerous testimonials and statistics, after school programs have proved to reduce crime, drug and alcohol use, teen sex and pregnancy, and better yet, increased graduation rates (Schulman par. 2).
The final way to increase character is through moral education. Richard Weissbourd, a family psychologist at the Harvard’s Graduate School of Education, said that “character education is a billion dollar industry” (Weissbourd par. 2). He is not wrong. Character education has been around ...

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...vities provide students a safe time to gain more respect for one another and the school that they belong to. After school activities give students extra academic help from instructors, and these programs have proven to decrease rates of immoral behavior among students. Lastly, moral education is an essential part of a student’s education. Character education allows students the opportunity to challenge their conscience on the first day of kindergarten. When students leave school, they will all leave with the same basic values that are essential to being a successful and moral person today. With these three activities and programs, students will begin life with a goal of working towards being a proper moral example. Hopefully, they will shed the light that they learned through these programs with others, so the world will be filled of people with champion character.

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